Deed (all kinds of documents)

In general:

The deed in a dream announces that you can expect to get black on white something important in the waking life, that you are promoted. This can mean financial allowances, praise or a professional transportation.


European (Judeo-Christian)
– The dream about documents: an inheritance or a legacy comes to the house which will be for you advantage and benefit;
– In the dream you see documents: announces a gift, a special gift or a bequest; also: you will get in trouble with authorities or you will lead a lawsuit.

Hindu (Hinduism)
– To see the document: your testament is written wrongly;
– In the dream you have in your hands: you have to think also of the others;
– You read some documents: your stinginess is unforgivable, think of your spiritual salvation.

Arabian (Islamic)
– You are dreaming that you see some kind of document: you will have to do something at the court or with the notary.

* Please, see meaning of attest, certificate, receipt, bill, seal.

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