Atomic bomb dream meanings

  • Bomb - may not noticed that you have escaped happily from a danger or you will avoid it. Hindu (Hinduism) Force If see – When you are dreaming that you see a bomb, means that you will find hidden energy in yourself, which will help you to reach the goals. Arabian (Islamic) Avoidance of misfortunes If see a bomb – In the dream you see a bomb, points that you will suddenly break a misfortune; Changes If exploded – This dream announces you an unexpected event, which will change your life, thoughts. * Please, see meaning of atomic bomb, explosion, war, weapons.... (read more)
  • Nuclear weapon - Association: Destruction on a large amount. Question: What am I ready to quit? What kind of end do I afraid of? General Meanings: Warning The atomic bomb has really the major threat to the human’s health and his environment. This dream symbol occurs in the dream as a serious hazard symbol. Perhaps the dreamer has the anxiety about his personal life and he will not avoid painful consequences. Often this dream signifies that after bad experience the dreamer will have to restore his own energy in order to deal with all the worries. The atom bomb symbolizes the destructive... (read more)
  • Dynamite - Association: Explosive power, sudden change. Question: What is about to blow up? General Meanings: Dynamite as a bomb warns against ruthless actions. But the positive meaning of the dynamite is that you may act with huge force toward your aims. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Reaching goals if dynamite – In the dream you have dynamite then in your life with a huge force you will reach your new plans, life projects and you will break all barriers; Barriers if see dynamite – This dream marks that you have new plans and goals but there are some old barriers which will not let you... (read more)
  • War - ...dreaming of nuclear war with bombing and total destruction. This dramatic change in your life is led by a fear of unknown experiences. Your subconscious mind is tempering you to be ready when new life cycle begins. Experienced or witnessed life-threatening event can invoke the dreams about the armed conflicts. An actual combat or a fight, a natural disaster or a car accident, sexual or physical assault, or even news about such events can haunt you in dreams by images of devastating combats. Subconsciousness is trying hard to find acceptance for conciliation to what has happened in your past.... (read more)
  • War, combat, fighting zone - ...inner self. Personal involvement in any disturbing situation also can cause a dream of being a soldier in a war zone. If you were looking at a war conflict from a safe distance, it could reflect that some sort of serious problems will pass by without your involvement. If you run away from combat zone, then it means your successful liberation from troubles. Seeing bombs go off can mean currently exploding situation. Your anxious feeling about it is a reflection of being out of control. Also, it could be a signal to eliminate the threats and diffuse the situation. Alternatively,... (read more)
  • Fuse - Psychological Meanings: The dream is a warning that it is dangerous to play with the fuse. It is the purpose to transfer something. What or who want to inflame your soul? * See also other dreams about fire, bomb…... (read more)