Explosion dream meanings

  • Dynamite - ...to reach them so easily; Warning if sit on dynamite – You are sitting on dynamite in your dream, then this is a warning of danger, now you should be extra careful in your life; False friend if your friend has dynamite – When your friend has dynamite in your dream, then this dream shows that you have false friends and you trust him/her too much who may have slightly negative effects; Warning if see lying dynamite – This dream warns that you should not interfere in the affairs of others, otherwise this will bring lots of damage; Attention if see explosion –  The dream... (read more)
  • Bomb - Association: Explosive energy. Question: What is on the verge of explosion? General Meanings: Bombs in a dream usually points to an explosive situation with which the dreamer has to deal. Exploding force – An exploding bomb points to the need to act effectively – while the disarming of a bomb warns the dreamer to be careful because will greatly exacerbate an already difficult situation. Fear – In dreams, bomb in common, comes with negative aspects often with anxiety in disasters and war. Then this can embody a general life fear and existential fear. It is frequently stands for dangers... (read more)
  • Mining - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) No enemies if see an explosion – You are dreaming of explosion then this means that you want to destroy an enemy in order to avoid damage; Unpleasant events if be near the vicinity of an explosion – This dream is a sign that you will have to make unpleasant journeys with unpleasant people; Wasted efforts if search for mines – In your dream you are searching for mines then this means that you will participate in useless activities. * Please, see meaning of mine.... (read more)
  • Electricity - Association: Work on the energy or life force. Question: Which part of me needs to be recharged? General Meanings: Power In the dream Electricity plays very important role and often represents strength. The interpretation depends on the circumstances and what aspect of the force here is highlighted. Solving problems with the energy Dreams of electric wires symbolize the communicative abilities of the dreamer. Dreams about light switches or switches on electrical devices refer to the ability of self-control. The power station generates electricity, so energy passes through the unconscious to the dreamer. That is how the dreamer energetically deals with... (read more)
  • Gasoline (gas) - ...gasoline burns in the dream, then this is a favorable sign for an emotional relationship but this will not exist for long. A gas explosion in the dream signifies that you have to curb more the excessive high temperament, and only then this will not make any hazard. Psychological Meanings: The energy and determination with which the dreamer makes decisions is a good basis for his urge. Gasoline in the dream stands for motivation and energy which you want to use. Spiritual Meanings: Gasoline can symbolize spiritual energy and spiritual force. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Much efforts and warning if... (read more)
  • Islamic Water - ...it is supposed to be raining in a dream means injustice, abuse, high prices, divided opinions, weaknesses, or payment of financial damages. Clear water in a dream also means recovering from trachoma. The explosion of a water tank or a pipe in a dream means distress, trouble and adversities. ggg Green colored water in a dream means a long illness or a wretched life. ggg Drinking black colored water in a dream means becoming blind. ggg Sucking water in a dream means tight circumstances. ggg If unexpectedly one is showered with hot water in a dream, it means a fever,... (read more)
  • Nuclear weapon - ...(Judeo-Christian) Worries if see a nuclear bomb – To see a nuclear weapon in a dream signifies that in near future the dreamer will meet a disaster that affects him and his loved ones. This will have very painful consequences; Damage if be in a nuclear confrontation – This dream indicates that the dreamer will have to swallow a lot of anger and dissatisfaction but this will not be very good decision because that will explode in a very disastrous way. This will bring bring lots of damage in the dreamer’s life. * Please, see meaning of district, explosion.... (read more)