Finding a boyfriend dream meanings

  • Bridge - will satisfy you, or the beginning of a blissful love awaits you. Finding the solution – To see a new bridge and / or go over it, shows that you will find ways to overcome difficulties. Progress – A very long bridge promises good progress over the longer term. No worries – An old bridge that looks rotten and unsafe point to difficulties, but at the same time shows that they will be removed. Reconciliation and Restitution – A ruined bridge often warns not to demolish all bridges behind it, but to keep open possibility to recover it; Perhaps it was your... (read more)
  • Wallet - Association: Male security, resources, identity. Question: Which of my attitude to safety, am I ready to change ? General Meanings: In the dream the wallet represents the place in which the dreamer keeps safely his resources – not only the financial, but also all the rest. Wallet symbolizes the personality and the desire to identify and to realize themselves. Depending on the circumstances the following special meanings are possible: The loss of wallet warns that you may be exposed. Finding a wallet can announce that you will know all the tricks; The wallet contains money, this often points out to the... (read more)
  • Bee - – Threatening bees or destroying bees honeycomb point to tensions between one’s own personality and the environment. The dreamer has difficulty finding a place in society and feels uncomfortable in teamwork. Opportunity – The dreamer was stung by a bee, this means that he stands in front of an important event or a change in his life situation. Pleasure and Protection – He meets a non-aggressive bees swarm this means he will enjoy many small pleasures in life. The bees sit on his head, he should be very careful from harm of any kind. Award – According to the old... (read more)
  • Animals - is known as a symbol of sickness and unknowings. Maybe the dreamer is in the environment at work, home or any other one, that feels unhappy at. The rat can also represent the symbol of rejection. There is a possibility that you feel refused by your family, friends or colleagues. Reptiles and other cold-blooded animals – these kind of animals are least ones that human-beings have anything in common. The dream of reptiles signifies the features of your personality that are very unusual and unacceptable. Usually the one has such dreams is in fear of something and/or finding it hard... (read more)