Hail storm in dream dream meanings

  • Breaker - General Meanings: The dream symbol of breaker stands for the “soul of the waves and waves of emotion”. Do not worry, let yourself to fall and to create your wishes. Psychological Meanings: Generally the breaker as a dream symbol symbolizes ups and downs in the life. You will deal with all the difficulties that arise in your life, but this dream also warns against excessive sense of security which doesn’t let you to create new things in your life. The higher waves and the stormy sea then the stronger emotional upheavals wait for the dreamer. The sea is steady... (read more)
  • Champagne - uninhibited in the sexual area. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Unstable life if see champagne – In a dream champagne means unsettled life, much pleasure, infidelity, inconstancy; Unfortunate omen if see champagne – This dream announces luck of short period. Also unlucky omen for love affairs; Unhappy about environment if drinking alone champagne – This dream shows that you do not find sympathy in your environment; Cheerful time if drinking in society – this dream shows about your joyous and cheerful pastime; Joyful life if break a champagne bottle – This symbol shows and announces a stormy experience for you; New perspective if open... (read more)
  • Brother - the dream you lose your brother then this means that you will go through a stormy future without any help; Bad situation if see death of brother – To dream of death of brother, then this dream will bring you deterioration of the situation; Annoyance if quarreling with a brother – You are quarreling with brother in your dream, this means that in near future you will have irritation with your family members; Loss of friend if see dying brother or sister – This dream will bring you death of a true friend. Hindu (Hinduism) True friends if have brother... (read more)
  • Volcano - in a startling way. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Warning if dream of volcano – This dream warns against outbursts of anger and rage, before bigotry and violent disputes that threaten to damage your own good reputation as a fair and honest person; Need of changes if see a volcano – To see a volcano in the dream may mean that you need to evoke in yourself a conduct to small storm in order to reach something or to start something new in your life; Anxiety if volcano with lava – The dream marks that you will experience something unpleasant in your life what causes... (read more)