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* In Greek mythology, Zeus is the “Father of Gods and men” who ruled the Olympians of Mount Olympus as a father ruled the family. He was the god of sky and thunder in Greek mythology. His Roman counterpart was Jupiter and his Etruscan counterpart was Tinia.

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  1. Well i was very unsure about stuff and i was nervous. The only gods i believe are greek because of all the stuff i know. recently i rethinked about life ,like who am i and why is this happeneing. I wanted an explanation of all the posiedon dreams. So I sat on the floor asked for a reason in a dream. In the dream i was at a pier/harbour with a light house and a cliff that you can go up on that is on a moauntin. on the moauntine there was a worship place. there was a wall with writing so i worte can you help me in blue with other words (like, love, questions, hope, peace, and i love you) I talked to zues not posiedon but he told me that he loved me back and hoped i have more half sisters. i hope this means i am only part human?

  2. My dream about Zeus was that he was high above the sky and that you could see him from your roof top and that he was going after those that had one of his pitchforks.

  3. My dream is a little on the wierd side.. I vagilie remember a big man with long white hair a muscler fiseke to him he had a fork but not like the devils.. It was white .all I remeber him saying is if you tell I will kill you.. And ive been in fear my whole life to ever say anything. I also remember seeing a lion on my bed and the scary thing about is I dont think it was a dream n this happened eather befor or right after the zues dream.. By the way im not at all greek decent.. Can anyone thay knows what this mean please exsplain.

  4. I had a dream I fighting these these things and I went to Zeus and he sent me on another mission anybody knows what it means

  5. Zeus is cool I believe he’s real. Had a dream last night where he came and protected me and introduced me to other planets and other people with super natural abilities. It was either him or captain marvel lol pretty sure it was him but he popped up every time I said shazaam

  6. Hi everyone, I had the most weirdest dream of my life, just so i can make something clear, before this dream occur to me i had no idea nor ever knew who Jove, Zeus nor Jupiter or any other god besides Jesus Christ was and had never heard of them in my entire life as well.. I am of catholic religion by parents but am not and had never been religious to any extend nor liked to preach.. Anyway about 6 months ago i had a dream that not even i can believe i had that dream and ever since i believe in Jove(Zeus). Anyway my dream started out like this.. All i remember is i was standing on top of a hill and everything around me was burning and it seemed the end of the world had just struck, anyway a voice spoke and said: “it’s going to happen,the world is going to end, it’s going to happen” then as i keep seeing everything burn the voice says: “English, the language i speak to you in is English, Jove the one you know as Jesus Christ, Jove, is real, believe in him, he’s real.. (when the voice said that two big stone’s arose from the ground with the image of Jesus in both of them and got together as one)Then i dropped to my knee’s and started praying and started to break into tears, then i woke up and had real tears coming out of my eyes.. I then rushed to the living room and told my mom the whole dream and how weird it was, i told her the name i heard “Jove” and went on with my day, while at work later on that evening i also told a co-worker about my dream i had and i started to search the internet for other names of Jesus Christ in different languages but had no luck in finding the name i heard in my dream which was Jove, anyway i get home that night and my mom calls me over to see something and she opens the bible and shows me a line in that bible which said: “Jove is god”. I then felt fear that i had never felt before, i had been in contact with something much greater that i never thought would be possible.. then six months later i finally want to know more about that name “Jove” and so i start to research it on the internet and it turn’s out that he is god himself.. I don’t know why this happened to me, but i really do wish to know why.. Has anybody had this dream as well? anybody out there?

  7. Zeus was up high in the sky and many people were gathered below him. I had the power to ascend to him and was declaring him a false god to his face. I said to him there is only one God and the he is not Him. Zeus had no power over me

  8. i had a dream that we discovered life on planet mercury but people there live in darkness underground because it is near to the sun so very hot on surface people they do not have eyes they rely on some worms to see so zeus felt pity on them and shifted the planet next to the mars and made it one of the beautiful planet more like Saturn with 2 rings… and i also had dream of many gods but i cannot remember

  9. I dreamt that I was at school. My teacher told the class he’s wating for us. Sudenly my whole class was on Olymp. Everyone bowed. He then said that he wants somone to go on a misson. Every time he looked at me he had a big smile on his face. Then he said that he picks his daughter. Everyone looked at me and started pushing me to him. He told me the misson. I had to find somekind of golden shoes and stay with them. And then the misson part started. Anyone have an idea what it means?

  10. Saw a Zeus above the cloud with white grey hair and muscly hands, and above another cloud Poseidon. He was trying to throw something on earth . And I was running to hide through some elevators etc. weird dream.

  11. huge dark wings . I remember seeing swampy wide river with steady flow with dark swampy willow trees. It was daytime but it was a very dark feeling. Then i just remember being at this entrance to like a huge wooden fort with all these different levels. I met a god-like huge muscles zues like figure im pretty sure zeus came into my mind when i saw him. He took me hand and i had this feeling if knowing.. Satan was after me and we are literally in this game of hiding me and saving me from satan. He took me into this fort there were all this kids i wanna say like so many different figures of like humans trying to help me hide me do anything to keep me away from this dark figure. I had this thought in my head like that this was like a game. The first time the dark entity won. Then there was like a second round and thats when i met this zeus character and they hid me. There were points where the dream was too intense that i was trying to wake myself up from the dream but i just couldn’t i would get out of it so i have this blank spots but i would just shoot right back into this dream. There were two distinct hiding spots . First the muscle zeus character led me through different stairs levels and the. Shot me down a hole to like a basement and through these levels i kept seeing numerous other figures trying to help me. I was hiding under this hospital bed at one point in what seemed like a hospital room with yellow curtain draped over me. Then i was led outside to a dilapidated shack and i saw 4 or 5 maybe 6 black snakes. They hid me there. Fer some reason i guess we won that round. Then i guess it all started over and said since its a tie we have to do it again. I was really scared but for some reason i was in a house boarded up and our side had more preparation and knowing. Then i woke up and have no idea what happens . Who wins the 3rd Round? Ahhhh

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