Skate dream meanings

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  • Ice - more difficult and harder to survive with these problems. Losses if see ice in your house – In the dream you see icy somewhere in your house, this means misery, shame and loss of what you had; Warning if see or go on it – The dream is a sign that you have to be careful, so that to you can avoid an accident; Disturbance if break and sink – When you break the ice and sink in the dream, denotes that your hopes are thwarted. * Please, see meaning of breaking in, freezing, frozen, slide, skates, candy, water.... (read more)
  • Skating - Association: Fast progress with great ease, grace. Question: For what am I ready in my life? General Meanings: Desire to show yourself The dream of dancing and skating usually are gratifying and although announces pure wish-fulfillment. The dream symbol shows that you are happy and satisfied in your life. To skate and to make dance steps in the dream, then this dream may be interpreted as a willingness to “stand out” in any setting. Psychological Meanings: Successful life This dream of skating and ice dance symbolizes balance, skill, self-control and security. In the dream you walk easily on the... (read more)