Black teeth dream meanings

Short meaning: dreaming of black teeth may argue amenity, love and esteem.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung understanding of the dream about black teeth symbolizes individualistic ardor, womanliness desire, originality and enablement.
Supportive remodellings are awaiting only if: black teeth - This symbol of dream naturally portends supremacy and being at a higher level than others. Diversely, if it was bad dream then such dream can presage contra effect: someone should be deceptive and unreliable in relation to your interests.
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  • Teeth (tooth) - blood relatives. The front two teeth point to grown up kids, the parents, siblings or close relatives. If one of these two teeth has become wobbly, black or rotten, then the closest relatives will get sick. If tooth falls – one of them will die; If one of the two front teeth become dazzling white, then you will bribe the closest relatives with grace and beauty; If one of these teeth become excessively large, then one of relatives will only cause anger and grief to the dreamer; You will clear out of the way if seems that one tooth has erupted... (read more)
  • Tongue - ...can be slanders about as an adulteress wife. Damage and Protection If you are dreaming, that you have hair on your tongue, white or black, is it not a good sign. Black hair announces that you regret about what you have said, your speech made damage for somebody. White hair announces that you said a lie, which like a white lie, to protect somebody from worries. Also black hair accelerate while white slow down the fulfillment of the dreamer. It makes no difference here whether the hair from the tongue itself, from the palate, the gums, from the teeth or... (read more)