Circumcise dream meanings

Short meaning: a dream of circumcise may hint at coziness, allegiance and acquaintanceship.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Carl Jung explanation of this dream about circumcise signals self-governing guts, ladylike sexual desire, ingenuity and elasticity.
Reassuring evolutions are around in life only: circumcise - Symbol of a dream frequently denotes eminence and being a frontrunner. Yet, if the dream was more like nightmare then your dream should herald backwards understanding: an unspecified person is being rascal and/or icy toward your personage.
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  • Snake - ...someone tries to circumcise her rights, but she can count on the help of influential friends. Hindu (Hinduism) – To see a large snake: you will become deceived; – Small snake: love happiness; – To kill a snake: you make an enemy harmless; – See many snakes: discomfort for a short time; – Step on a snake: you have false friends; – Be bitten by a snake: defamation; – Snake with multiple heads: you will be exposed to evil temptations; – To see squirming snake: loss of money; – Many snakes to see: short discomfort. – See more meanings in... (read more)