I had a that my belly was bleeding then the dream meanings

Encouraging restylings ordinarily are going on only if: i had a that my belly was bleeding then the - Symbol of a dream denotes the opportunity to gain some profit. You are a pacesetter. In another way, if it was bad dream then a dream could stand for backwards sense: an unknown person might be illusory and ominous in regard to your interests.
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  • Water - can be achieved by dreaming about swimming in ocean, sea, river or even being in a rain. Any kind of a liquid that touches your body, especially if you are sinking in it, may remind about a time for urination. For all, a shortage of liquids in a body can be a cause of drinking water dream. This physical dependency is the meaning of a dream and it is represented by any kind of giving or taking water, like fetching it from a well or a tap. An additional need for energy is another meaning, but only if drinking sweet... (read more)