Perfume bottles dream meanings

Short meaning: dream of about perfume bottles may express snugness, affection and intercourse.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung interpretation this dream about perfume bottles stands for self-ruling breath, gender passion, flair and ascendency.
Encouraging restylings are awaiting : perfume bottles - This portends primacy and being a notch above the others. Or else, if it was bad dream then such dream could argue backwards spirit: some-one should be treacherous or alarming in regard to your character.
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  • Wine bottles - General Meanings: In a dream a wine bottle stands for desire and passion. To dream that you’re breaking bottle of wine, signifies excessive gratification in your desires, wishes and passions. Psychological Meanings: At the psychological level the dream about wine bottle symbolizes the masculine. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Happy travel if see wine bottles in a dream – This dream shows that soon you will have a happy visit; Sad days if dreaming of empty or broken bottles of wine – This shows sad thoughts and many sorrows in your family; Too much love if break a wine bottle by yourself... (read more)
  • Scent - ...the past situation or place, because the smell also has an association with something from the past. Spiritual Meanings: At this level a lovely fragrance in the dream symbolizes holiness and spirituality. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Happy time if scent – The pleasant scent in a dream means pleasant news, small profits and honor in your life. Arabian (Islamic) News if smell floral fragrance or perfume – In the dream you smell floral fragrance then this dream signifies that you will get good news in the near future, but you should check on the certainty. * Please, see meaning of... (read more)
  • Repetition - ...thing. But if between same dreams is larger interval of time, so it will almost always mean something else. Human does not live forever in the same conditions and so are the dreams also refer repeatedly to the new circumstances. For example: if a perfume retailer dreamed that he had no more nose. Then he gave up his business, because without nose – no smell and he could no longer practice his profession. After his career change he had that dream again. But this time he was caught with forgery and had to flee to a foreign country. This time,... (read more)
  • Whisky - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Worries if dreaming of whisky – In general it is not a good omen, this includes debt and difficulties, disappointments of all kinds; Destroyed wishes if see whisky in a dream – The dreamer will never reach his goal that he hoped for; Success if drinking whiskey or seeing someone else is drinking whisky – This is a good omen that  very soon you will reach your desired object or goals after many disappointments; Successful results if see bottles of whisky – It is a warning that you should be more cautious with money transactions.... (read more)
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  • Palm wine - ...European (Judeo-Christian) Reaching aim if drink palm wine – The dream when you drink palm wine, then you may expect that you will have ability to implement your wish. Hindu (Hinduism) Fulfillment if drink palm wine – In the dream you are drinking palm wine then this dream announces that all your desires will soon come true. Arabian (Islamic) Creation if make palm wine – When you are making palm wine in the dream, then this shows that you have a talent to create and to make what you want to. * Please, see meaning of wine, wine glasses, wine bottles.... (read more)