Red apple dream meanings

Short meaning: a dream about red apple might imply rest, very strong liking and comity.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By C. Jung interpretation of this dream about red apple stands for unallied guts, effeminate sexual drive or interest, artfulness and faculty.
Reassuring remodellings are around only if: red apple - This dream sign shows the opportunity to gain benefit. You are a vanguard. Or else, if it was bad dream then such dream should presage vice versa definition: some-one can be fishy and/or unsound toward you.
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Fortunate colors for this dream: red and purple .
  • Apple - too high aims, which you will not achieve; Prosperity if pick apples in a dream – You will start picking your work fruits, means that you will be prosperous person; Good sign if red apples with green leaves on a tree – This dream of red apples is a good omen, that you did everything perfectly and now you have a harvest of your hard work; Happy love if eat a nice red apple – When you are eating a red apple in a dream, announces a gratifying and happy love affair. For single ones, it means a new partner and marriage, new feelings of... (read more)
  • Wine - ...a barrel of wine, this indicates anger and loss in your family; Arabian (Islamic) Happy life if dreaming red wine -Shows that you are always in a good mood and this helps you to reach all your goals and desires; Satisfaction if dreaming and drinking white wine – Announces that you will obtain satisfaction of what you do in your life; Little joy if drinking apple wine (cider) – You will have only a humble pleasure; Have a rest if drink wine and feel drunk in a dream – You will attract a scandal by your own behavior. You have to relax... (read more)