Saltwater dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams of saltwater might adumbrate abundance, brotherly love and friendliness.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Carl Jung analysis this dream about saltwater embodies liberated spirit, gynic sensuality, finesse and elasticity.
Affirmative remodellings are around in life if: saltwater - This symbol of dream signals the circumstance that puts the dreamer in a favorable position. You are a pacesetter. Even so, if it was bad dream then such dream may suggest backwards definition: somebody should be ruthless or unsafe in regard to you.
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  • Islamic Water - ...facing adversities, it means that he will be able to overcome them. If he is incarcerated, it means that he will be released. Pure potable water in a dream means salvation. ggg Saltwater in a dream means distress. ggg If one sees murky water gushing froth from a water well in a dream, it means a bad marriage. Walking on water in a dream represents the strength of one’s faith, certitude and trust in Allah Almighty. This is particularly true if while walking one also speaks words of wisdom and piety. Otherwise, walking on water in a dream could mean... (read more)