Shake hands dream meanings

Short meaning: dreaming about shake hands may hint peacefulness, infatuation and regard.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Sigmund Freud analysis this dream about shake hands betokens self-ruling gameness, soft sex drive, resourcefulness and conductivity.
Good reworkings are around in life only when: shake hands - It occasionally signs the condition of being superior to all others in power. You are an innovative person. Else ways, if your dream has left bad feeling then such dream could typify backwards significance: someone is being insincere and insecure in regard to your being.
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  • Dog bite hand - ...See Fingers…. (Hand) In loosening them, you will force others to submit to your dictations…. (Hand) Dreaming that your hands are tied, denotes that you will be involved in difficulties…. (Hand) To shake hands with close relative, it’s a sign of happy family life…. (Shake hand) Small, weak and ugly hands indicate recklessness, insecurity, dissatisfaction and failure…. (Hand) If you have abnormally large hands, then such dream symbolizes the proficiency in your life…. (Hand) The dream could also indicate the actual fear of being no longer in connection with that person…. (Hand) If you hands were closed, then it might... (read more)
  • Greeting - ...In the dream you were greeted by someone, then this dream announces that you will have an important visit or wonderful news from your closest friends or family members; Unpleasant news if get a greeting from a person you do not like – From the person that you do not like you gt a greeting then this dream signifies that you will have an unpleasant visit or unfavorable news; Happy time if be greeted by children – This dream denotes that in the near future you will have happy event in family life. * Please, see meaning of handshake.... (read more)