Sister another sister giving birth dream meanings

Constructive remodellings mostly are ahead only when: sister another sister giving birth - This predicts ascendancy and being one step ahead. In spite of that, if the dream was more like nightmare then this dream can promise upside down value: a person of importance is being shifty and treacherous in regard to your interests.
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  • Giving birth to a baby girl - to a breached baby girl – means natural easygoing development of your spirit; Giving birth to a girl at night – means that your logic is developing very well; Giving birth to baby girls – means that your feminine side is very expressive; Giving birth to twin girls – means that feminine principles is all around you; Giving birth to multiple girls, triplets, quadruplets, sextuplets – means divine power and spirituality; Giving birth to perfect baby girl – means very expressive physical qualities; Your mother is giving birth to a girl child – means a wish for a sister; Sister... (read more)