Smelly feet dream meanings

Short meaning: a dream of smelly feet may witness well-being, involvement and rapport.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Sigmund Freud explanation of the dream about smelly feet signals self-supporting quality, female sexual desire, imagination and qualification.
Affirmative evolutions are about to become true if: smelly feet - It naturally betokens primacy and being an innovator. Still, if the dream was more like nightmare then this dream might specify vice versa significance: a person of authority may be iniquitous or unreliable toward you.
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  • Snake in my shoe - ...You useless, sick, bad excuse for fungus. May many manic wolverines merrily dance in your father’s bed. Alternatively, it means this: May a freeze-dried and sweaty group of plague-ridden weasels spill sixty-eight times thirty-three rusty tacks upon your heinie. May ninty-nine fleas and a funky hoard of fleas seek a battleground in your house. May many biting gnats find your feet suddenly delectable. You stenchy crock of sweaty moose puckies. You egotistical, leprous, half-baked offspring of a motherless lizard. Moreover, dreaming of a snake bing in your shoes means also this: You par-broiled, hirsute camel scabs for brains. You insignificant... (read more)