Smiling baby dream meanings

Short meaning: the dream about smiling baby can point out repose, dilection and tried friendship.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By C. Jung explanation of this dream about smiling baby stands for nonaligned spunk, womanish passion, inspiration and ability.
Encouraging reworkings are awaiting in your life : smiling baby - This dream generally omens the occupation of a position of dominant power. You are a person who runs ahead of other. For all that, if the dream was more like nightmare then this dream might imply vice versa hint: someone should be wily and/or shaky in relation to your interests.
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  • Death - and for the good intentions he will be rewarded in his life; Peace if death was smiling to you – if you dreamed that you were facing a death as a person and stayed calm and happy, then such dream shows how balanced and wise you are as a person. The death is just another chapter that is impossible to avoid, therefore you are absolutely calm and tranquil about that; Arabian (Islamic) In Islamic death has either good meanings, either bad omens in the dreams. It all depends on who was dreaming of the death – was it female... (read more)