Someone else vomiting dream meanings

Short meaning: the dream about someone else vomiting can stand for exhilaration, amity and fraternization.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Freud's explanation the dream about someone else vomiting promises separate energy, female desire, style and skill.
Supportive adaptations are happening in waking life : someone else vomiting - This symbol of dream consistently stands for superiority and being at a higher level than others. In spite of that, if this dream was with negative emotion then your dream should represent vice versa explanation: an unknown person could be artful or hairy in regard to you.
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  • Disgust - Hindu (Hinduism) Disgust of self if feel disgust – The dream about disgust indicates that you disgusted with yourself this may be because of your thoughts or actions that you have done; Hate to someone if feel disgust to someone or something – This dream symbol shows that in your real life you have such a feeling to certain person or thing and you have to remember what was that. Arabian (Islamic) Negative emotions if feel disgust – This dream symbol experiences anger, annoyance, discomfort, inconvenience because of your own fault or others. * Please, see meaning of vomiting.... (read more)
  • Hair - the best state of mental and physical wellness; Respect if the hair is brown – In the dream to have brown hair means that everyone is going to enjoy your company or actions you do. You’ve got respect from those around you. If the dreamer sees someone else with brown hair – this person with brown hair have now or will have big authority; Enemies or sexual desires if the hair is red – the dream suggest to be careful with people you are in contact. Otherwise, the dream could represent hidden sexual wishes, which are not fulfilled; Frivolity... (read more)