Speaking in tongues ??= dream meanings

Encouraging renewal are going on in waking life when: speaking in tongues ??= - This synbol of your dream normally indicates superiority and being one step ahead. Even so, if this dream was with negative emotion then such dream can name upside down subject: some-one may be shady or icy toward your personage.
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  • Tongue - the sharp tongues in our environment, the gossips, which defame us and others. Artemidoros Meanings: A good sign and Poverty An evenly formed tongue adapted to the mouth, have a clearly and a plain speak is for everyone a good omen, while the not-speak or a tied tongue represents stagnation of business and mean poverty; because poverty robs from people the freedom of speech. Illness A swollen tongue announces to the wife of the dreamer, if he is married, disease. Damage and Defamation A tongue hanging out of the mouth means damage as a result of cheeky speeches, also frequently... (read more)