Symbol of silver coin dream meanings

Short meaning: dreaming of symbol of silver coin may prefigure well-being, devotion and rapport.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By S. Freud analysis of this dream about symbol of silver coin augurs unaided soul, womanly lust, inventiveness and gift.
Supportive adjustments are around in waking life only when: symbol of silver coin - This symbol of dream mostly signifies supremacy and being a pioneering person. Or else, if this dream was with negative emotion then such dream should witness upside down explanation: some person should be designing or deceptive toward your personage.
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Fortunate colors for this dream: yellow and golden .
  • Transformation - ways to represent changes in the life. It is no coincidence that you have just dreamed that, and no other symbol. If you can not find any description about the symbol that you have seen in the dream, then you have to think about three properties that characterize this symbol. Now apply these properties – that will certainly help you. Changes are noticeable, also the same as symbolism changes – you often have to be aware before something changes. A woman who was arrested for very negative thoughts. During the therapy she said that she had dreams a lot of... (read more)