That my father died dream meanings

Good metamorphosis are going on in life if: that my father died - This synbol of your dream frequently signs ascendancy and being a trailblazer. Notwithstanding, if the dream was more like nightmare then your dream might specify backwards context: a person of authority should be underhand or unsafe in regard to your being.
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  • Transformation - had become the Helios ( the sun personified as a god, father of Phaethon. He is generally represented as a charioteer driving daily from east to west across the sky) and walk into the brilliance of eleven sun rays through the marketplace. He was elected as the Mayor of his town and had died after he had exerted eleven months at this office, because the number of rays was not completed. (The Sun God has twelve rays.) In general: We you dream that something transforms in your dream, so this means that the image has a larger significance then a dream... (read more)
  • Funeral - dream doesn’t mean the death! This may be the inner feeling that “someone died” – you do not want to have anything more with him / her, you want to break off completely any contacts. Changes in your life Sometimes you have “mentally bury” the problems in order to start something new and free your minds. Who dreams of own burial, has concluded an essential phase of his life – perhaps the dream announces a divorce, a move, career changes, or abroad – but certainly not your death. Spiritual Meanings: Here the spiritual symbols of death, loss and pain are significant. You do... (read more)