White smoke dreams dream meanings

Short meaning: a dream about white smoke dreams can presage gratification, crush and esteem.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By S. Freud and C. Jung interpretation the dream about white smoke dreams augurs unconnected spunk, womanliness sexual urge, creativity and potentialenergy.
Positive rearrangements are awaiting in your life only when: white smoke dreams - Symbol of a dream ordinarily betokens the state of being superior to all others in power. You are an innovator. For all that, if it was bad dream then such dream should shadow contra interpretation: an important person is being double-dealing and/or dissembled toward you.
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  • Burn down - the mental attitude of the dreamer is disturbed, or something in disarray with the control center of the brain. Spiritual Meanings: Fire and water always symbolize emotional energy: fire purifies. Bright flames announce new ideas. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Inconvenience if see smokes – In the dream you see lots of smokes, this brings trouble or difficulty caused to your personal requirements or comfort; Luck if bright flames – This dream will bring you great joy and fast success at your work; News if (White) smoke – In the dream you see white smokes that comes from burnt down building or things, this... (read more)