Windows and curtains dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams of windows and curtains can prove exhilaration, sentiment and ardent friendship.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Carl Jung interpretation this dream about windows and curtains indicates absolute outlook, tender libido, genius and potential.
Approving in the affirmative way rearrangements are ahead in life only: windows and curtains - It mostly forebodes advantage and being a person who runs ahead of other. But, if the dream was more like nightmare then such dream could illustrate vice versa connotation: some person may be roguish and/or shaky in regard to you.
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  • Curtain - Association: Protection, decoration. Question: How close am I to intimacy? What do I want to show? General Meanings: The dream of curtain indicates that somewhat is hidden behind them. Therefore it is very important for the interpretation what is behind the curtain. Often the curtain as a dream symbol indicates uncertainty and caution of the dreamer. Also under this dream symbol may stand deception and isolation. Psychological Meanings: All the secrets conceal behind a curtain that we want to know. Curtains on the windows of a house that are closed, this may indicate discomfort in specific body areas. Traditional... (read more)