Abdicate (resign)

General Meanings:

The dream of a leader, who renounced his position means anarchy and revolution in that place.

Psychological Meanings:

The unconscious reflects the elimination from a high office, you will take farewell with a beautiful illusion. Expressed positively: You want to cope better with the reality of life.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Respect if resign of high office – This dream marks that ¬†you will come to even higher honor than you have been before.

* Please, also see meaning of king.

Definition of Abdicate (resign):

Short definition

The action when somebody voluntarily leave a work or other position.

Complete definition

Abdicate or resign – give up power or duties and obligations (monarchs or emperors). Abdication occurs when a monarch, such as a king or emperor, renounces his office.

Synonyms of abdicate (resign)

verb: renounce, resign, relinquish, waive, give up; noun: abdication; plural: abdications; verb: abdicates – 3rd person singular present; abdicated – past participle; abdicating – present participle; abdicated – past tense.

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