General Meanings:

Desire to be safe Dreaming of an Ark may denote that you feel unprotected at home in your real life. Your conscious seeks for a place where you can feel safe and secured.

Psychological Meanings:

Place of safety The Ark is the ship with which Noah saved his family and different kind of animals from certain death. According to CG Jung’s Ark symbolizes the maternal womb, it stands as an image of security. For some people the ark indicates refuge and safety and survival after stressful situation. Also this symbol may indicate the desire to run away from unpleasant and difficult situations in your life.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Protection if see an ark – This dream indicates protection of something valuable in your life;
  • Safe your relation if build the ark – In the dream you build the ark, this marks that you have to protect your relation or property, because there is a possibility that someone will try to destroy this.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Safety if see an ark – The dream symbol of an ark announces safety and protection.

* Please, see meaning of ship.

Definition of Ark:

Short explanation

A curved symmetrical structure spanning an opening and typically supporting the weight of a bridge, roof, or wall above it.

Synonyms of ark

adjective: sly, roguish; verb: bend; noun: arc, vault, bow, dome, vaulting, archway; plural: arcs, vaults, bows, domes, vaultings, archways; related terms: curve, curved shape, metatarsal arch, instep, skeletal structure, pectoral arch, shoulder girdle, haemal arch, hemal arch, neural arch, vertebral arch, entrance, entranceway, entryway, entree, entry, wall, abutment arch, aqueduct, arcade, colonnade, bridge, span, broken arch, camber arch, corbel arch, flat arch, straight arch, headstone, keystone, key, pier arch, pointed arch, proscenium arch, rampant arch, round arch, rowlock arch, safety arch, scoinson arch, sconcheon arch, segmental arch, shouldered arch, diminished arch, scheme arch, skeen arch, skene arch, skew arch, springer, impost, squinch, structure, construction, trimmer arch, triumphal arch, four-centered arch, Tudor arch, voussoir, architecture.

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