Activity, productivity, social life.


What makes my life to shine and receive the pleasure out of it ?

General Meanings:

The best qualities of a person – Bee in a dream embodies qualities such as diligence, orderliness, adaptation, obedience and commitment to the community participation for the general public behind which the individual needs stand back. This vision can show about self-sacrifice, maybe the symbol wants to encourage to think also of our own needs.

Good feelings – Active bees show that the dreamer feels comfortable in the community and estimates his surroundings and good company.

Conflict – Threatening bees or destroying bees honeycomb point to tensions between one’s own personality and the environment. The dreamer has difficulty finding a place in society and feels uncomfortable in teamwork.

Opportunity – The dreamer was stung by a bee, this means that he stands in front of an important event or a change in his life situation.

Pleasure and Protection – He meets a non-aggressive bees swarm this means he will enjoy many small pleasures in life. The bees sit on his head, he should be very careful from harm of any kind.

Award – According to the old sources, this comes from the mystical importance of the bees, they usually associated with happiness and success as a reward for hard work.

Love – The Greeks and Romans believed that if a girl is stung by a bee in the dream, they will meet in the waking life with Cupid’s arrow. The sting of a bee promises a new friendship or love relationship.

Changes – For everyone else the bee sting is equivalent to a drastic change in life.

Psychological Meanings:

The need of support and Hard work – The dream of a queen bee reflects dreamer’s need to feel in any way as “something better”. Perhaps the dreamer desires that his goals will be supported by the people he has chosen. The dreamer is aware that he must work hard and be diligent. The symbol of the bee is a diligence.

Warning -Also there is a dangerous meaning of a bee in the dream. If the dreamer is stung by a bee in his dream, then this is a warning about the possibility to be hurt.

Making uncontrolled situation – In the dream you see a swarm of bees, then this is the indication that the dreamer is going to create a situation that may become uncontrollable.

Spiritual Meanings:

A bee symbolizes order, diligence, immortality and rebirth.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Good times and events If Seeing – To see bee in a dream announces a good omen. It shows the profit, honor and dignities, success in business or in love, good harvest;
  • Strong Love If See collecting honey – Bees are collecting honey in the dream, you can expect a positive strengthening love relationship;
  • Changes If been stung by one – There will be major changes such as marriage, career or change of living place;
  • Quarrel If been stung by them – Announces about squabbles with friends;
  • Loss If Kill;
  • Awesome time If On the blossom – To see a bee on a red large flower, this shows the beginning of a lucky period, success in almost everything;
  •  For an officer - Obedient henchmen;
  • For a preacher - New members of the community;
  • For a business man - good sales;
  • For parentsA lot of fun with their children.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Loss If Dead – A dead bee means loss, also the loss of a friend.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • A good sing If Seeing – This announces a good omen;
  • Worries If been stung by them – This dream shows that you will have annoyances and unfortunate coincidences, tribulations and inconveniences;
  • Good hopes If Watch them working;
  • Happiness If Flying – Your property increases, like your love;
  • A lot of profits If Catching;
  •  Misfortune and Hardship If Kill.

* Please, see meaning of insects, honeycomb, wasp.

3 responses

  1. I had a dream last night. The bee was buzzing around me and I just watched it. It crawled on my ear. and flew around me again. It looked more like an Arizona bee but blue stripes.

    I just saw one of my oldest friends in the hospital… I read everything. and it said a lot of LOVE stuff… Maybe he’ll finally noticed what’s been in front of him for the last 6 years of our friendship. I hope he gets out of there soon.

  2. Hi, I dreamt there were bees in a room, and I was afraid of them stinging me so I killed each and every bee with satisfaction.

    Could someone tell me what that means?

    Thank you

  3. I dreamed I was inside of my car and a Bee was trying to get into my window which it successfully do so, then when it enters it times into a human

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