Diaper dream meanings

General Meanings:

Success and Joy Dream of diaper then the ancient Indian dream book explains that the dreamer has a good and pure spirit. Babies diapers always have a good meaning – brings good luck and satisfaction of life.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Two sides if see diaper – In the dream you see diaper then this dream marks that everything has two sides in life, so think what you do or say;
  • Joy if dirty diaper – If the diaper is dirty in the dream, then in real life this will bring happiness into you house.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Job if see diapers – The dream of diaper announces that you will get permanent work and salary.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Pregnancy if see baby diaper – The dream sign may show that you may be pregnant.

* Please, read dream meaning of feces.

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6 responses

  1. Was trying on various nappy pull-ups. finally settled on a loose, crinkly, polyestery ones that were air-texed. I was surrounded by a small group of women already wearing pull-ups. I thoroughly enjoyed the feeling, felt like I’d come home.

  2. I had a dream that i was standing up and my cousin pointed out that i had on a diaper, but i didnt even know i had on a diaper,and im a adult

  3. Me, mother and sister were aiding in changing a new horns babies diaper. We were trying to figure out why it was crying and I gave it to my mom who said it needed a diaper change and I grabbed the diaper and opened it up and got it ready for my mother and my little sister brought the wipes. The baby had pooped quite a bit. If it were real life it wouldn’t have stayed in the diaper. Lol. I gave my mother the new diaper and she was wiping the babies bottom for a while trying to get all of it off. I then folded the diaper and my sister aided me with throwing it away. I remember we made disgusted faces. Oh yeah and my mom was on a lazy boy chair too and it was dim in the room. The baby was happy after that. Then my dream changed.

  4. [In real life, I went on a blind date/set up with a new person who is 5 years younger than me- we are both in our 40s, and I think we both had an unexpected good time and more in common than we knew. I haven’t had a good date or looked forward to second date in a very very long time (a few years). I rarely dream right away about a person I’ve just met (or remember it for that matter) but the night after our first date I had a dream…]

    The overall feeling of the dream was good and pleasant. We were getting to know each other more and we were in his house (I think) which was a kind of duplex where he had a portion and he had a housemate/ friend who was either visiting or living nextdoor/ upstairs/downstairs. Anyhow, everything was going well and uneventful, until I learned that he slept with diapers on. ???

    I have never dreamt of diapers let alone on a grown man. Curious as to anyones (serious only) feedback. I have done some online research and have a few theories but wondering if anyone has any takes on this one.


    ps.. I have been thinking about motherhood and babies a lot lately. Neither of us have children or have been married.

  5. i have been dreaming for the last 3 days that i am cleaning an new born babys diaper i dont know whos child it is but the diaper i kept on cleaning