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The dream about a dog is fully interpreted and completely explained. The interpretation of the dream is multiple, because of the research on various levels (general, psychological, spiritual, medicine wheel {by Indians} and traditional: for Christians, Muslims, Hindu), and based on many conditions (biting, chained, black, etc.). To see the meaning and the analysis of single context, use ctr+f command or live search on page box.


– Dog in the dream is usually associated with a male aspect or unconditional love; Also with obedience, loyalty and reliability.


– Am I reliable? What or who do I love unconditionally? Who does same for me?

General Meanings:

Joy or loyalty and love – The interpretation of the dream about dog depends on what the dreamer knows about the dog. Dog can be as a symbol of happiness and joy, if the dreamer knows dog as the pet from his childhood. In this case very often dog stands for happy memories and playful experiences. Otherwise, the meaning of the dog refers to what is known for a man and symbolizes the possibility of the loyalty and unconditional love.

Greyhound that is named Speed

Quality of the dreamer – If in the dream about dog, the dreamer is aware that it is of the specific dog breed or it is a dog with specific characteristics such as the speed of a greyhound or the protectiveness of a rottweiler, a mastiff or a boxer, or even the aggressiveness of a sharpei, a pit bull terrier, or a staffordshire, and so on, then this special gift of the dog refers to the quality, which must be attributed to the dreamer and also this quality is in the need for the further development. Only with this quality the dreamer will be able to evolve as whole personality. And then he can continue to focus on his plans or specific goal. His efforts will be rewarded with great success for sure.

Expression after suppression or aggression – Other significance in the interpretation of dog relates with impulses and instincts, especially sexual, and feelings. Dreaming of dog brings attention to the dreamer’s own attitudes about his mental and physical health. If in waking life this correlation makes sense, then such dream is the expression of strong suppressed psychical and physical contents in the dreamer’s life. Perhaps the dream is the warning too, that warns about being very critical and suggests to release your emotions or to fulfill your desires. In other hand, but it is very unusual, dog can be a warning against being too much aggressive (more often dreaming of wolf has this meaning).

Guide for self-realization – Sometimes dog appears in the sleep as a guide through the world of the unconsciousness and calls for self-realization, for complete fulfillment of one’s own potential.

Aggressive behavior or strength – In broader sense most common symbolism of dog is same as the animal. These dreams’ symbols embody the aggressive masculine sexuality and show power of the dreamer.

Different conditions in the dreams have individual interpretations. These meanings can arise from the following circumstances:

  • Confidence means deception – In the dream to believe that dog will help you (to trust him) or to gain dog’s trust (trusting dog), often warns of deceit and betrayal;
  • Bark means gossip – Dreaming of barking dog may indicate slander and libel. If dog barks on you, then it means that slander strongly directed on you. If dog barks on someone else, might be indication that this person is source of gossip or might be the victim of such action. To hear barking dogs, but not see any, means lighter gossip or quarrel;
  • Bite or howl means threat – In the dream to see or to hear howling dog is bad sign. Also, dreaming of biting dog is bad omen too. Hearing of howling dog is interpreted as a general warning of serious danger. To be bitten by dog can be interpreted as more direct danger against the dreamer;
  • Chase means risk – Dreaming of chasing dog shows a superficial, frivolous attitude with a tendency to risky adventures (especially sexual). To be chased by dogs also can be interpreted as being chased by your own shady habits and questionable actions. More dogs – more doubts. If others were chased in the dream, then it means that risky persons around you. Being able to run away from dog or dogs means hope and possible bright future;
  • Play means victory – In the dream to play with your dog or to see happy and playful dogs means that you will overcome your opponents. If someone else is playing with dog, he will be lucky too. If this person isn’t friendly with you, then this dream is a message to be more patient and careful in order to overcome your enemies;
  • Chain or necklace means financial risk – In the dream to see chained dog shows financial risk. Dreaming that you putting a chain or necklace on the neck of dog announces the possibility of bigger risk in financial sector by carelessness or other damages in business or carrier;
  • Dark color means pain – Dreaming of black dog or dog that have dark colored hair (coat, fur) is often interpreted as painful deception by a friend. Black dog is as the dark shadow of a friend. But dreaming of such foretells that you have revealed the dark side of someone who is close to you and now you’re in good position, because of the ability to see true intentions. If you see a lot of black dogs, means that there might be more than one traitor;
  • Barking, arguing or quarreling dogs means family’s problems – In the dream to see or to hear that several dogs are barking on each other, between them, shows family feud or also it can mean dispute with your partner or quarrel in the family.

Psychological Meanings:

Protector and aggressor – The dog in the dream must be always considered in the connection of two opposite meanings, because it has two different symbolism. On the one hand he is a friend and protector of the people and a guard of the property, on the other hand, he is an attacker of his master’s enemies and because of that gets a clear symbolism of aggression in the interpretation of the dream.

Understanding and releasing emotions – When the dream is about a pack of wild dogs, then this represents feelings, that are confronting with fears. It is very possible that the dreamer has worries about his emotions or impulses or maybe he even hide something deep inside under the pressure, but that need to be in the release.

Fear of sexual or primal desires – The sexual significance of dogs in the dream is very strong, because of their true nature and their character. Dogs are performing sexual acts in public without any restriction and therefore dog is considered as a symbol of unrestrained activity of the human. So, dreaming of dog symbolizes things or actions, that you dare to do mostly hidden, and subconscious is calling to act more bravely and without anxiety. In other words dogs symbolize primal instincts and basic desires of the human life and these are always associated with a confusion or fear, that might arise, if one as the dog carry out primitive behavior.

Attacking & biting dogs meanings

For man means envy – Biting dogs in the dream of a man indicates jealousy. Being bitten by vicious dog means being targeted by jealous people. To see in the dream that dog bites someone else shows that this person is a victim or a source of envy.

For woman means overrated freedom – Biting dogs in the dream of a woman, denotes that she is assessed fairly unrestrained. The dream about biting dogs does not mean that she also lives like that. It means that there only exists the assessment for lack of restraint.

Dogs on leashes or chains meanings

For woman means control – Women often dream of chained dog or a dog, which is on a leash. This means that they restrain their impulses.

For man means lost power – Men are dreaming of chained or leashed dogs, when they feel restricted and overwhelmed by someone or bad situation.

Other contexts’ meanings

  • Incidents means impulsivity – For whatever happens with the dog in the dream, it represents the impulsiveness and the physical urges;
  • Fear means bad judgment – The fear of the animal in the dream, represents mind. To be afraid of the dog is often explained as poor conscience of the dreamer;
  • Dog following means sharpness – If in the dream a dog has accompanied the dreamer, then it shows that his instincts are awake;
  • Pain means lack of confidence –  If a dog is chained up or tortured, then it symbolizes the unconscious mind with complexes in waking life;
  • Big or giant dog means relaxationLarge dogs symbolizes mitigation of problems and relief in the waking life;
  • The act of carrying or moving means strengths – To carry a dog in arms, means that the dreamer is very powerful and has the control of his impulses. In the dream to see that someone else is carrying a dog in his arms, shows strengths of that person;
  • Dead means spiritual rebirth or regeneration – Dreaming of a dead dog suggests that in some corners of the soul is something dead, which we should bring back to life.

Bite means fears – Psychoanalytic Wilhelm Stekel once said that the bite of a dog in the foot in the dream is the warning of primal passions and it shows the dreamer’s fear of the infection or other darkest fears, even the fear of castration.

Wagging means deception; Bark or bite means losses – Dreams’ interpreter Artemidorus Daldianus (professional diviner of Ancient Greece) believed that one should be careful and beware of scams when a strange dog wags him in the dream. Dreaming of barking and biting dogs, means that the dreamer must prove his opinion. Also if dog barks or bites, then it can be interpreted as the warning against losses.

Spiritual Meanings:

The head of the realm of the dead – On the spiritual realm the dog in the dream is the leader of the underworld.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

Dog in European, Christian or Judaism cultures, represents normal desire or instinctive reminder and impulsive response – these characteristics describe the dog.

  • Seeing means faithful people – In the dream to see dog denotes that you will discover abiding people;
  • Cerberus means hard work – Dreaming of dog that has many heads, like Cerberus, the hell hound, suggest that the dreamer is likely will get bogged down, successes always require full concentration;
  • Dog attack means the note of caution – To be attacked by dog in the dream forewarns about danger. The dreamer must be cautious.
  • Small dog means carelessness – Dreaming of small, tiny, little or short dog stands for lower thoughts and desire for frivolous amusements. More dogs – more careless the dreamer is;
  • Shaggy dog means problems – Dreaming of hairy dog is bad omen. Dog with long, thick, unkempt hair (coat) indicates awkward transactions or sick children;
  • Lapdog means reliable friends – Dreaming of healthy lap dog have good symbolic meaning. Lapdogs or any small dog of toy breed group denotes that your friends will assist you in hard times;
  • Sick lapdog means troubles – Dreaming of emaciated or sickly lapdog indicates problems: you must be prepared for difficulties;
  • Frilly lapdog means egoism – Dreaming of decorated or dressed small toy dog is the evidence of vanity, selfishness and narrow-mindedness of dog’s owner. One young woman said once that such dream about cute dog for her has symbolic meaning of new lover;
  • White dog means great friends – Dreaming of dog with white colored hair denotes good, pleasant acquaintance or trustworthy friends;
  • Playing friendly white dog is good sign – Dreaming about playing with white friendly dog might announce expectation of joyful event; For a man it is an omen of a happy coincidence, for woman it can have symbolism of weddings – she may marry soon it;
  • Black dog means disloyal friends - Dreaming of black dog or any of dark hair can indicate that the dreamer will face betrayal from his friends;
  • Red dog means betrayal – Dreaming of dog with red (rose, pink, wine, violet and any other shade of red) hair color can indicate bad luck with friends: unfortunately the dreamer can’t rely on his friends;
  • Beautiful dog means wealth – In the dream to have nice, lovely or friendly dog denotes great riches of the dreamer;
  • Play with dog means fortune – To play with dog in the dream predicts that in prospect will be substantial profits and loyal friends;
  • Playing dog means success or love – To dream that dog is playing with someone or that dog is very playful and friendly foretells success in business or predicts a faithful lover. Seeing of playing dog in dream also can denote reconciliation with an estranged friend;
  • Vicious dog means bad luck – To dream bad, evil or vicious dog announces unavoidable misfortune. There is a chance that even the largest efforts will not produce the desired result;
  • Dead vicious dog means triumph – If the dreamer sees dead evil dog or even kills him, then he will be the winner. Killing bad dog denotes that you will overcome opponents and get financial gain. To kill a lot of evil dogs means that you have more than one adversary, but they are weak and you will be the winner in the competition;
  • Fear of bad dogs means danger - In the dream to be scared of evil dogs shows that the dreamer has fear about forthcoming danger;
  • Afraid of seeing a big* dog means problems – In the dream to see large dog and to be frightened because of him, indicates that you will have problems which will be larger than average; (* see list of large & big dog breeds)
  • For woman fear of large* dog means smart husband – If woman was dreaming of big dog and have fear of him, then it indicate a chance to have wise husband or partner;
  • Chased by a scent hound means temptation – In the dream to be chased (pursued or tracked) by any dog of scent hound breeds (bloodhound, foxhound, beagle and more) foretells that the dreamer could succumb to a temptation that attracts the downfall of himself;
  • Attacked by dog of scent hound breed means danger – In the dream to be attacked or pulled down by hound (hunting dog) indicated that one will be in danger. In general dreaming of attacking dogs is a warning to be careful;
  • Chasing someone means ill will – Dreaming of dog which is hounding or chasing someone, but not the dreamer, indicates that in one’s life hostility can come;
  • Growling dogs means bad news – To hear that dogs are growling, roaring or howling foretells that you will be scheming people at home or you will be confronted with unpleasant news;
  • Biting means defamation – Dreaming of biting dog indicates a slander, a libel, a defamation;
  • To be attacked and bitten is bad omen – If a dog In the dream attacks you and bites, then such dream’s context foretells a dispute because of money or enactment of a false friend. Being bitten by dog also represents disease or dispute in the house: maybe the dreamer is feeling guilty;
  • Trusting means embarrassing position – In the dream to trust dog or to see that dog is trusting you foretells that the dreamer might be lured into a trap or someone will make him to feel shame;
  • Dog barked at you means troubles – If you dreamed that dog barks at you, it shows discomfort because of difficulties and troubles;
  • Hear barking dog symbolizes warning – If you dreamed barking dogs at someone else, but not you, then such dream has symbolism of the warning. It requires you to be alerted, because you can face unpleasant news and most likely stand before difficulties.. Also it can mean dispute with neighbors or defamation;
  • Crying dogs symbolizes health issues – In the dream to hear the whine or the cry of dogs, indicates serious illness or danger;
  • Lonely howl of a dog means separation – In the dream to hear how lonely dog is howling may indicate the death or separation from friends for long time;
  • Hunting dog means achievements – To dream a dog that is on the hunt represents that you will achieve something through hard work;
  • Big prey of a dog means force – To dream a dog that is hunting large prey foretells that you will take everything with unusual forcefulness;
  • Hounds on the hunt means good changes – Dogs of hound breeds, that are hunting in the dream, represents upcoming changes. After them the life of the dreamer will be better and more joyful;
  • Hounds for woman means marriage – If woman is dreaming about hounds (hunting dogs), then it predicts that she will be guided by heart and falls in the love with a man, which is in lower social class than her or has weaker perspective in the career than she has;
  • Woman followed by hounds means hope for true love – The dream of a woman about hunting dogs (hounds), that are following her, signifies that she has many admirers. Also it shows that she hopes in vain for true love;
  • Rabies means uneasiness – In the dream to see sick dog, which suffers rabies, shows that you will start to worry about something;
  • Mad dog means anxiety – Dreaming of crazy or insane dog, foretells about unfounded fear of something;
  • Growling and fighting dogs means indignity – In the dream to hear two growling dogs or to see the fight of two dogs, represents a chance of the humiliation by enemies;
  • Fight of several dogs means disagreement in family – In the dream to see that several dogs are fighting and biting with each other, then such dream might be an indication of the conflict in the family because of the inheritance;
  • Rushing dogs means offense – In the dream to see few or several dogs, that are together pursuing someone, denotes that this person is in danger. If the dreamer himself is the one, which these dogs are chasing, denotes that he will face a serious offense;
  • Dog as horse means enemies – In the dream to see a dog with bridle or that he is pulling a cart, it is an indication that you will get enemies;
  • Chained dog means stealing – In the dream to chain or to tether a dog or to see such, indicates that someone wants to steal from you;
  • Dog house symbolizes pet or big trouble – Dreaming of dog house denotes that one will get a dog, but second meaning is contrary -it foretells that the dreamer is in big trouble, because of his actions. The punishment for him might be near;
  • Traveling with a dog means great friends – In the dream to travel alone and be followed by trusting dog, shows that one can count on a loyal and devoted friends;
  • Dog show means stroke of luck – In the dream to visit conformation show, also referred to as breed show (exposition or exhibition), signifies that one may hope to have small piece of good luck;
  • Dog and cat means fiasco or success – In the dream to see dogs and cats being peacefully next to each other and then suddenly go off on each other, it is a bad omen. Such dream foretells that the dreamer is facing a fiasco in love and business affairs. But if he can separate them, then he will overcome difficulties and successfully solves his affairs;
  • If dog kills a cat, then it promises luck and good business;
  • If dog kills a snake, it is considered as a good omen too;
  • Swimming dog means close luck – If a dog swims in the dream, then you just need to stretch out your hands to reach the happiness, because it is very close to you;
  • Puppies means thanks – In the dream to see puppies, denotes that the dreamer will help to innocent people and for that he’ll get gratitude;
  • Awake puppies means friends and riches – If the dream is about awake, merry, happy, cheery and lively puppies then it clearly shows strong bonds of friendship and growing wealth;
  • Pathetic puppies means loss – If puppies are weak, puny and pathetic, then it shows the threat of the loss;
  • Sight-hound means fortune – In the dream to see speedy sighthounds or gazehounds promises usually good luck;
  • Own a sighthound means aid – In the dream to have sighthound represents help for a friend against his enemies or troubles;
  • Following sighthound means inheritance – In the dream to be followed by gazehound, one may hope for an unexpected inheritance;
  • Great Dane for a woman means faithful lover;
  • Great Dane for a man means promotion – In the dream to see danish hound (great dane) is good omen. Such dream foretells that despite criticism of his opponents, the dreamer is in a position for a promotion;
  • Bulldog attack means danger – If one is dreaming that bulldog is entering foreign land and attacking him, then it shows a chance of breaking the law of the country.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Dog symbolizes good friends- In general dreaming of dog in Hindu culture have the significance of good friends: you can not complain about your friends;
  • Chained or tethered dog means dangers – In the dream to see chained or tethered dog indicates bad luck, because of burglars or robbers. To tie up a dog in the dream, suggest that you have to take care of yourself against thieves;
  • Barking dog means gossip – In the dream dog barks at you, it shows that someone is spreading bad words about you. Also, some meaning applies if the dreamer hears barking dogs – one wants to slander you;
  • Chasing means risk – In the dream to be chased by dog suggest that you will be in danger; If you see that dogs are chasing someone else – this person might need your help. If it is the dream of dog chased by you, then you are in good position to fight back any risk;
  • Playing with dog means success – To play with dog in the dream indicates victory. Your enemies will finally turn away from you;
  • Fighting dogs means family problems – In the dream to see the fight of dogs or to hear that they are fighting, indicates the possibility of some kind of danger in the family. You must pay more attention to your family. Other meaning is about that you are the one which will create some dispute in the family.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Dog means enemy – In general dogs in the dream symbolizes enemies;
  • Barking dog means dispute – If somebody dreams that a dog barks at him, it shows that he is involved in a verbal dispute with a dishonorable enemy;
  • Biting dog means pressure – If the dog even bites him, then such dream means that he will be hard pressed by a dishonorable enemy;
  • Ripped clothes means damage – If the dog in the dream damaged clothes of the dreamer, by tearing or ripping off, then it shows that a dishonorable enemy will inflict damage to his property and his honor;
  • Killing the dog means victory – If the dreamer kills the dog, then he will destroy an adversary;
  • Eating dog’s meat means property – In the dream to eat meat of the dog, suggest that an enemy will bring his assets to you himself;
  • Disadvantage if dog is eating meat – If the dreamer sees that dog eats meat, then it might be a warning about coming financial problems.
  • Drinking dog’s milk means fear – In the dream to drink milk of the dog predicts terror and infirmity;
  • Relief if dog is drinking milk  – In the dream to see that dog drinks milk, indicates that better times is nearby and a lot of pain goes away;
  • Shepherd or wild dog means unknown enemy – If the dreamer see the dog, which is or just looks like shepherd or wild dog, then this dream announces that the enemy is unknown to the dreamer and even might come from foreign countries;
  • Hunting dog means dangerous friend – In the dream to see a hunting dog, it is a warning that friend or relative of the dreamer might become his enemy;
  • Several different dogs means fight or competition – Dreaming of several dogs for ordinary person, symbolizes allies and their help in dispute with enemies. For businessmen, such dream represent competition. If the Emperor is dreaming about several dogs, that are from different breeds, then such dream means that he will lead foreign and native soldiers against his enemies in the field;
  • Seeing a dog means betrayal – In the dream just to see dog suggest that the dreamer might experience an infidelity or betrayal;
  • Hearing of dying or whining dog means disease – In the dream to hear the whine of the dog or sound of dying dog is bad omen and announces disease;
  • Black dog means traitor – In the dream to see black dog or any other with dark colored fur (coat, hair) denotes upcoming disaster, a false friend is nearby;
  • White dog means good companionship – In the dream to see white dog is good sign and shows luck for the dreamer and indicates true friendship;
  • Being bitten repeatedly means bootlickers – In the dream to be bitten by dog or dogs for few or more times indicates that flatterers are around you. If pain was big, then they are hurting you very strong;
  • Mad dog means difficulty – In the dream to see crazy, insane or wild dog indicates trouble and that the dreamer might get into the great danger;
  • Playing dog means fortune – In the dream to see playing dog or to play with one, symbolizes luck and good friendship with people you know;
  • Fighting dog means quarrel – In the dream to see dogs, that are fighting and biting each other, suggest to the dreamer to avoid any dispute in the family;
  • Chasing, hounding or rushing dog means bad thoughts and dangerous habits – In the dream to be chased by dog or to see others (people or animals) being chased, rushed, hounded by dogs suggest to the dreamer be more careful about his thoughts and feelings. One should improve his mind and senses, otherwise he remains a troublesome creature;
  • Multi-headed dog means fortune – In the dream to see Cerberus (multi headed hell hound) denotes the possibility of great profit.

Medicine Wheel Meanings:


Friend, loyal, protective, outcast, hero, ally, loving nature.


Dog – the domesticated relative of both, the wolf and the coyote, – has been for long time great friend of man. For many centuries, the dog is the companion of the human and has provided his protection, his love and his loyalty to the people. Some legends tell that the dog, because of his devotion to the people, was often treated badly by the rest of the animals and was expelled from the animal world.

Nevertheless, the history of man and dog is closely interwoven. In many cases people have maintain a lot of good, reached their goals and destination, saved their lives and families, just because of the help of dogs. And throughout the time humankind become in love for the first time with a member of the animal kingdom. Historically, and because of these circumstances, the dog is the great hero much more than the outcast of the animal kingdom.

General Meaning

Dog in the dream is the symbol of loyalty, friendship and protection. Dog represents your connection to the animal kingdom or your connection to the inner animal within yourself.


Dreaming of tired or poor dog can be initiated by a dirty word with which a person is losing his honor.

Transcendent Meaning

Dog in the world of the dream symbolizes an important ally or a leader.

Contexts’ Meanings:

* Please, see meanings of dreams about puppy or specific dog breads, pets or animals, and barking.

44 responses

  1. I dreamed of going up the stairs with a falling toe nail it fell a part of it and I was really carefully going up so after that it was that a part of my index that a part of the top had fallen and I had it several details changed of how and wich part was injured at a point i saw a part of my bone and meat was really old like a mummy texture, after when I was already upstairs I saw this red red dog I was scared of it it was medium size and messed like sticky fur so when i saw him my mom said it was my sisters and I saw him well and seemed tamed after that the place changed and ir was like I warped to another dream, I was criying cause people was trashing the things in the party so I tried to stop them but they didn’t stop they wanted me to trash as well but I sartared crying from my heart I was complainin no one wanted things to last and for me to enjoy my party that I had never had one before..(true xD) after that I went outside it was dark (deferent place and dream changed a bit) and there was a little drizzle rain I was told my cousins where camping I went to see them but the place was so dark I asked why they were on the rain and they said that Theres was a special stargazing but no one got wet or anything, then I felt weird stuff approach and they where like 4 ocelots* jaguars one kinda throwed a paw at me because I was tried to take a picture but was never actually close to even get the cam working, my causins said they (the ocelots) were the stars but they just walked like in the corners of the dark kinda cement/grass place and I tried to use the light on my phone but this big dog took that away and started talking in this really low voice he said a part i dont remember but whatever he said I did not trust/believe him and I remember he said: im just taking a form this form for this time .. and said something really important about the sky and what that dream meaned and that i had to do something..but as soon as I woke up I forgot it all because it was sooo long and it was more real that this place everything was even more detailed…I can’t even explain… I just wrote the things that called my attention the most but there was more things and I forgot most of it I remember the last part was outside of a big temple place when I saw the dog he was like different I dont know its like another really crazy dream if anyone ever read this and has the extreme kindness of trying to tell me what this parts mean I will be so much thankful I am tired of having this incredibly complicated… weird dreams and not knowing squad ..please please please help me how can I understand or at least try to link meanings or what is that I felt it was really long. . what can I do? What does it mean?

  2. I dreamed the other night that I was in the back of a vehicle of some kind, and a mid-sized to larger black dog (? – might have been wolf or coyote?) also followed us into the vehicle. All was fine as it entered, no fear from anyone. Then very suddenly it lashed out and bit a huge chunk out of my skull (no pain), and my immediate thought was that I would be dead in just a second or two – and that made me happy and relieved. Then I woke up. What on earth would that mean?

    • Someone is betraying you but you cant prove it, you want them to betray you with proof and then you can sever the relationship with conviction and move on and be happy.

      • (I thought I had answered this, but I don’t see it posted.) Thank you, Johnny. Interesting idea. I will be watching for something to happen that might match the interpretation. I’m not aware of any betrayals at the moment – the past betrayals have already played out – but who knows.

  3. I dreamed of two puppies, on bigger then the other. Both died and I wrapped them in a cloth and buried them I was so sad. A lady came and prayed over the puppies grave. Then the puppies were resurrected and began to play all around me and with me.

  4. In my dream, I found a small ginger coloured, beautifully natured dog, tied up to a post in the middle of a busy city/ town. I was concerned for it’s welfare and asked around to see who it belonged to. No one seemed to know, until eventually I was told it didn’t have an owner and I could take it. I then grappled with an internal battle, knowing that I wanted to take the gorgeous dog, but wasn’t sure if I should/ was allowed to/ should find the original owner.

  5. To me everytime I dream of a black dog it symbolizes Anubis… Everytime the dog wonders around a certain area or brings me somewhere, death will happen in the precise place where the dog was and whoever was there in the dream will be the one who dies or died… Different dogs (as long as it’s black) means different deaths in different ways… If the dog is not black I do not see or know of any death… If it’s white: good fortune. If it’s black: bad omen. I don’t know if it’s the same for others but that is how I know who will die and who will have good fortune. So far I trust my instinct and I’ve been right on the deaths and good omen. Best way to know what your dream means is to take note of the dream and try to make a perception of your own, since we don’t have tge same ways of interpreting them.

    • OH! I dream of two big black dogs. There’s inside our comfort room and the other one lying outside. I stepped back and go back to my room but the one inside followed me and was about to bite my right hands, good thing it didn’t happen when my boyfriends cousin run after me calling the dog by their names to stay away from me. So strange. First time I dream about a dog. Though we do have a dog in the house but they are all white. It bothers me a lot. Can you explain it to me, Madam what does it mean? Your help will truly appreciated. Thank you so much.

  6. I had to dream that I was driving with my boyfriend and there was a white husky next to the side of the road that seems to be a stray be pulled over, it had a collar and the name on it was Ona. We brought the dog in the car and then we drove to the grocery store we got it some food fed it. When we called the owner she said she didn’t want the dog anymore because they had problems with it and so I brought it home. The dog was playful, obedient, and would follow me wherever I went.

  7. I dreamed that I was hanging out with an old friend who is no longer a friend. We visited a friend’s of hers’ who were strangers to me. They had a Cocker Spaniel dog. Everyone was in the kitchen and the dog only seemed to pay attention to me. I was wary and a little afraid but tried not to show it. There was a child safety gate at the kitchen door so I closed it and stood on the outside of it by the kitchen door so that the dog could not get out. Nobody said anything or tried to call off the dog. I had my hand just resting on the top of the gate. The dog bit my index finger. It was not a ferocious dog but there was definitely an unfriendliness towards me which I could feel very strongly. I went to the bathroom and began to put a plaster on my hand. There was quite a lot of blood and I could see the teeth marks from the bite on my finger very clearly. Prior to that I wasn’t sure if the dogs’ bite had penetrated the skin or not. Someone from the family came to my assistance they were quite nice. I plastered my finger and woke up feeling very strongly that somthing somewhere was wrong.

  8. Last night I dreamt I looked out an open window from a 3rd story apartment building in my home town and saw dogs leaving peoples houses and lining up. There were 2 rows per street with big Rottweilers at the front leading them all away.

    At that same moment, my dog (a bulldog) was being pulled out the window by some weird force. I kept trying to close the window but it wouldn’t lock. At one point she was hanging out the window but I was able to pull her back up by her collar, hold her tightly and slam the window shut. Then, the dogs all started to march away like soldiers while my dog and I just watched.

    It was a weird dream and I have no idea what it means…

  9. I had the same dream twice. First one was some men trying to break into my house at night while I was in bed. Once they were inside my house I could see a big black dog with them. They instructed the dog to get me but told me if I said “Jesus” the dog would release me. I remember the dog grabbing hold of my fist with its teeth. (for some reason this is how my hand was in a fist position) Although I kept calling out “Jesus” the men would not instruct the dog to release me nor did the dog let go. There was pain but no blood I forcefully made myself wake up from the dream. The second dream- 3 nights later is very vague. I only remember being approached and bitten on the fist by the same big dog. This dream has me very puzzled and I would like to know what it means.

  10. I dreamed that I was hanging out with an old friend who is no longer a friend. We visited a friend’s of hers’ who were strangers to me. They had a Cocker Spaniel dog. Everyone was in the kitchen and the dog only seemed to pay attention to me. I was wary and a little afraid but tried not to show it. There was a child safety gate at the kitchen door so I closed it and stood on the outside of it by the kitchen door so that the dog could not get out. Nobody said anything or tried to call off the dog. I had my hand just resting on the top of the gate. The dog bit my index finger. It was not a ferocious dog but there was definitely an unfriendliness towards me which I could feel very strongly. I went to the bathroom and began to put a plaster on my hand. There was quite a lot of blood and I could see the teeth marks from the bite on my finger very clearly. Prior to that I wasn’t sure if the dogs’ bite had penetrated the skin or not. Someone from the family came to my assistance they were quite nice. I plastered my finger and woke up feeling very strongly that somthing somewhere was wrong. Can anybody please tell me what this means?

  11. I have had something funny happen to me 3 times in the last week and wonder if anyone can shed light on it. It is more like a vision, I keep waking up to my poodle crying and trying to get up on the back of the couch, where I have been sleeping lately, but then when I try to pick her up she disappears and then I see her asleep on the end of the couch. Last night same thing again, except this time it was a chocolate poodle puppy, and my poodle was asleep on the end of the couch, the pup was whining and I put my glasses on and tried to pick it up, when I tried to touch it, it disappeared. I am 49 years old, haven’t changed diet or meds. I am starting to freak out. lol

  12. Hello, I dreamt a curly haired white dog was drenched by the rain and it ran upstairs to me and I found a towel for it to lay on as he was trying to pull a blanket on him. And I decided he could stay in house but he might go potty in home. If you have a meaning for this I would appreciate it. Thank you very much, Mary Jo

  13. I had a dream of my big dog biteing my little dog on the head peaces of the head came off.My big dog was not being aggressive,and my little dog just stood ther with no pain.Can someone please tell me what this means. thanks

  14. I had a dream,and in the dream,without my knowledge,my dog was killed,its meat put in a big bowl and to be used as meat for a birthday party. As soon as I discovered,I got furious and scattered the whole party. Telling them to go look 4 my dog. Please what does the dream mean?

  15. Are those interpretations within a year? I just want to know how long I need to look over my shoulder… Because I dreamt of and black calm cat and an aggressive black dog biting my foot. Something bad is going to happen and I just want to know when it will happen…weeks, mths years

  16. I’m a little concerned. My 4 yr old was riding in her car seat this morning falling asleep in her car seat on our way to her daycare. All the sudden I hear a little bit of a whimper and she awoke. She told me when she closed her eyes she saw a really big dark brown dog that wanted to bite her. I told her to think of flowers and she responded “when I close my eyes he’s there”. She talks to someone while playing alone too. Name is “ham and cheese”. Not quite sure how to handle all this. Can you help or lead me to someone who can explain/help?

  17. i dreamed of many dogs coming and barking at me. i could not run away but to command them to go back and their went back but some of them continued barking at me while others started to play their tales…what on earth could that mean???

  18. Great interpretations, thank you.
    My dream was one with my daughter &
    we were skipping along a garden walkway
    near some doorways which we were trying
    to discover. They may have been residences
    or small businesses. The sun was shining,
    there was a lot of greenery. The ground had
    small fowl with chicks. The were slightly
    like oragami hens white & red combs not quite
    right, so we were trying figure out why.
    My daughter skipped along into an alley that was
    somewhat darkened. I followed but heard a
    low growl & saw a sturdy but smaller style
    friendlier style Rottweiler X. My daughter was
    laughing as she went ahead & I bent down &
    coaxed this dog out of the shadows a little & he
    became friendly. My daughter wasn’t worried.
    I woke up.
    “Now: I went in actual real life to a persons home &
    they have a Chow of dark colour who does a low
    growl & then I managed to become very friendly
    with her last time. So maybe I’m processing that?”
    thank you, any help would be great:)

  19. Hi Everyone,
    I dreamt that my current dog was happily playing with my long since deceased family dog in a big backyard (I live in an apartment with a small courtyard). In the dream they were playfully chasing each other and were smiling and someone standing behind me was telling me over my shoulder “see I told you they would be happier in a big backyard”. Both dogs had long matted coats which is strange because both are actually short haired breeds. The voice behind me was familiar yet unknown to me. I don’t recall ever dreaming about my deceased family dog even though I loved her a lot.
    Any insight people could give would be greatly appreciated.

  20. Last night I dreamt that I was with a friend and I was trying to buy one of the 4 labrador puppies presented to me (3 black labs & 1 white), but I didn’t get to buy one ’cause I left my money at home.

    All of these interpretations left me with a warning: only one of my friends are true, and the others are not. Though I like the bit where it said that to see happy dogs in the dream means that I’d overcome my opponents.

  21. I dream of a puppies around me.. new born puppies and one of them is missing and the mother bring it to me.

  22. I had a dream that I was in a highrise apartment building & heard a puppy whining. I looked all over the apartment, but couldn’t find him. I saw a window open & went to look out. Something told me to look to my left & that’s when I saw him. He looked at me & gave me a little whimper. Then he laid his head on his paws. I couldn’t reach him, so I had to climb half way out the window. I let him smell my hand before I petted his head. He looked at me as if giving me approval. I gently picked him up & he licked my cheek. The strange thing was the puppy was a black Lab. I’m desperately searching for a meaning to my dream. I think about it every day. Can someone Please help me?

  23. I dreamt that I got a white cat with bright blue eyes and I remembered my puppy that I recently got in real life so I rushed off to find it and it was outside but the puppy was white and looked totally different from my puppy. The white puppy in my dream was a bichon frise but I recognised it as my puppy. When I ran back up stairs to the white cat, it was gone. I also saw a lot of pink things in my room. And the green grass really stood out, so did the colours blue and white. But I felt enchanted when I looked into the white cats blue eyes, I recall thinking that, that was the reason why I had gotten it, because of its bright blue eyes. The cat was a female.

  24. I dreamed there was a one eyed white dog inside the bathtub when i went to the bathroom I stepped out to tell someone he was there and then it went to the dog catching a rat that was trying to go into a hole

  25. I had a dream of my dog twice within a week. He was in my home country and passed away so I didn’t see him dead almost 7 months ago.
    I saw him with another family and he was walking with them but came to a stop infornt of the house where I was standing and looked at me in the eye. He wasn’t looking happy nor very sad. Then he kept moving with them. I went after the family and started calling his name from the gate and knew he was lying there but he didn’t come. What is he trying to tell me?

  26. I had a dream of my beloved dog( a PAPILLON) white and black be dead, twice in my dreams . First receiving a call from my daughter said “Dad I don’t know what is going on with the dog, looks kind of sick come over and see if you can help out”. When I arrived to my daughter’ s house the dog’s body was on the floor death. The dog’s body was very thin, his tongue out. Real ugly view. then I wake up crying.
    The second dream in a different date is about being in a kind of family gathering ending with a nasty bickering with my ex, and my twins daughters. Then my daughter (the youngest twin) walk in with my beloved dog’s corpse in her arms. The dog’s body looks very thin and his coat looks yellow instead of white I grabbed the dog’s body away from my daughter and I was crying and blaming my twins for the dog’s death.

  27. I had a dream that a cute white/gray bulldog parachuted from the sky and bumped right into my room window. it was actually really funny I woke up laughing. what’s does this mean? haha

  28. Do you have an idea about what this dream may mean?
    I saw a dog and a mouse together in a box. The dog was fully grown but the same size as the mouse. The dog was a small short-haired terrier, mostly white with brown patches. The dog and the mouse were friends and happy.

  29. I dreamed last night that many people were staying over at my house (i don’t know them in real life except my partner but in dream i did, also house isnt my real house). They had decided to bring their pets, there were many dogs tied up throughout the garden. My companion and i were talking to this girl in the garden, we helped her put money into her back account and she explained she was going to get laser hair removal treatment. I was kind of paranoid about my cat being too close to the other dogs(he trusts everyone and most animals) so i kept him in my arms as we walked back to the house. I was talking to her about the treatment as i myself have recently looked into it. At the house one of the guests( female) buzzed us in and upon opening the door her corgi was sniffing us .The 3 of us started walking up the stairs to the second floor, corgi walking beside me. The stairs are the wooden type that are basically just planks of wood floating with gaps. On the last stair the dogs back legs slipped through the gap he couldnt grab onto the wood and fell to the floor below and died. I woke up terrified with the yelp ringing in my head as well as the noise when he hit the ground.

  30. I dreamed of my white dog getting hurt at the same time a human being got hurt. I never saw the person. But held my dog in my arms. My dog started yelling help me. Weird. But as I was the ambulance approach, everything got relaxed and I woke up. What does it mean?

  31. I just dreamed that my pet just stood at the side of my bed with only front paws up and was looking straight ahead over me and he had two heads. The color was dark all around and he is a boxer mix. What does this mean. I’m really scared from reading all this

  32. hi, i had a vivid dream and it woke me up sweating and scared. i actually had to put my bedside light on to calm down and get my thoughts elsewhere. the dream bothers me a lot and i would like to know if there might be some hidden meaning behind it. its quite short, but like i said it woke me up sweating, and scared. my partner was sound asleep next to me but i felt really uneasy.

    okay, so the dream is as follows: i dreamt that i got dropped off by a yellow cab at “home” (dont recognise the place but in the dream it was home). i didnt go into the yard so i was standing half in the street when the cab drove away. the place had black pallisade fencing around which i could see, and part of the front of the house but no great detail. i didnt go into the yard, because the scene was too much in the dream. in the dream i had 3 pet dogs. 1 young boerboel, 1 brown and white bulldog, and a ridgeback cross pitbull that was brown but with a white splash or line on its chest.

    there were suddenly dark wooden poles erect infornt of the door. 2 poles forming an upside down “L” (too high to touch) with the boerboel puppy hanging with all its legs hanging on each side of the pole. eyes half open, red foam at the mouth – dead.

    an “X” formed with dark wooden poles but on one side there was a shiny sharp axe blade with blood and flesh on, and the bulldog still stading upright inbetween the “X” formation, eyes open with a friendly face but the body was cut in half as it stood there in shape but with pink intestines on the one side – dead.

    the ridgeback cross pitbull was flung over a high tree branch with legs dangling on each side, like how the boerboel hung on the pole, eyes open and no blood – dead.

    is there a meaning to this madness?

  33. I had a dream that a warm honey coloured great Dane was with me in my dream and then wad trying to aim to wee on me whilst facing away from me. What does this mean?

  34. I have just now awoken from a paralysis dream. I have been falling into a lucid/paralyzed dream state off and on several times this evening. A few hours ago there was one where I could have sworn I truly heard my front door open and shut. It’s pouring rain outside. Then just now I dreamt that I woke up to a large black great dane laying on my bed. I remember him just looking at me with this almost sinister smile. I knew he would not hurt me but that he was not good. He was strong, confident, elegant, and controlled yet somehow ardent… all in a very dark way. I remember him coming closer to my face. I was paralyzed and did not want this dog to be in my bed, but to muster movement in that state takes a tremendous amount of effort. Eventually I gently pushed him off my bed and he just sat beside it and continued looking at me with that satisfied dominant stare and I ended up allowing him to come back to bed and lay beside of me because I was too tired to do anything else. It felt like giving up and giving in despite the comfort of it. It seemed that if I had made a hassle his owner may have been downstairs and could be someone more dangerous and that I would not want this person to hear. Anyways, I managed to force myself awake and have a lingering feeling of subtle fear and dread now. There is something about the large black great dane that I just did not like. It was a simple dream and I may be including too many details, but it felt very ominous and I would really appreciate any feedback. Thank you.

  35. Hi everyone,

    Would really appreciate if someone can interpret this dream I had about a dog:

    Last night, I dreamed that I had a light-brown and white furred Great Dane. It was lying down and looking at me. It then stood in what seemed to be a playful and happy mood, and started excitedly jumping around in a playful manner.
    I didn’t mind really, as I started cuddling the dog. Shortly, I had the dog kind of chew on my arm without any damage going on, and it did not hurt at all. I rather felt tickled from the dog chewing my forearm.

    Later, walking into another room, that same Great Dane was following me, standing tall, and was making a rather unusual sound unfamiliar to dogs. It was a croaking-snoring sound, to which I felt there was no threat of some sort. At the same time, the dog was looking at me, as I felt it was trying to tell me something.

    Can any one please give me an analysis of that dream?

    Much appreciated.


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