Engagement / fiance (fiancee) dream meanings

General Meanings:

Desire for relation The dream of engagement can embody the longing for affection, marriage and family. For married couples this dream shows the need for a better relationship. In general, this reflects the desire for closer interpersonal relations.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Warning if engagement – Your dream is about an engagement, this dream is a sign to beware of stupid pranks;
  • Not ready if dream engagement (for young people) – For young people to dream an engagement, it means that the one who dreams of this, is not admired very much about engagement. He/she is not ready to take such a serious step in his/her life;
  • No chances if own engagement – In the dream you see your own engagement, this denotes that a flirtation that you have at the moment, will take a quick end and will not last;
  • Marriage if be in the engagement party – You dream that you enjoy or celebrate an engagement party, this dream announces you a quick engagement or marriage. For married people it brings a nice and beautiful friendship;
  • Troubles if break off an engagement – In the dream you break off an engagement, this marks that you will make important affairs inconsiderately and hasty, so this may bring you disappointments and worries;
  • Peace in family if seeĀ fiance (fiancee) – You are dreaming that you see the fiance (fiancee), this dream is a good sign that a quarrel and a dispute in your family will be resolved soon.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Listen to other if be engaged – If you are dreaming that you are engaged, this denotes that it is not very good to be too clever and too wise. You have to hear others opinion and thoughts;
  • Marriage if celebrate engagement – You are celebrating engagement in your dream, this signifies that soon you will have your own weddings;
  • Improvement of personality if see engaged people – In the dream to see people who are engaged, this indicates that you seem finally ready to improve yourself and to develop your personality.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Warning if see an engagement – In the dream you see an engagement, this dream warns you, that you have to be attentive and do not make fool things.

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7 responses

  1. I dreamed that i was engaged to my cousin-and i was just a teen at that time. I was sent to a room which was like a maze. Their were many turns and rooms in rooms. And when i reached to final room, i found out i was engaged…?

  2. I saw that i am getting engaged to someone my family chose for me. Everybody is happy except me coz i am already in love with someone in my real life and in dream as well.
    Plz help,

  3. i dreamed about an engagement to my girlfriend. I was with my parent in that engagement and she was also with their parents.( as we have a custom of giving clothes to that family specially to my girlfriend family on the day of emgage. ) And i gave a clothes ( weaving clothes) to her father.
    We still in relationship.

  4. I dreamed that I was in my own engagement party (indirectly though). I was surrounded my many people, even those who hate me, but everyone was happy for me. But the thing is, the person I was engaged to is my ex. We broke up due to abrupt situations. I still have feelings for him though and we never stopped talking. I don’t know if he feels the same way towards me. But it really seems that we never broke up. What could this mean?

  5. Last night I had a dream that my exboy friends girlfriend was wearing an engagement ring, it was a small solitaire diamond, with a gold band, would be ever so grateful for an answer

    take care wendy

  6. i dream i am being betrothed to somebody i know. in my dream my husband was lamenting on why should i be married to someone wherein i am already his wife.