Holy Communion (Eucharist)

Psychological Meanings:

Conscience voice Participate in the church: you want to get rid of all your guilt. Here the dreamer’s unconscious also remind his conscience and ask if he had acted correctly in a specific case.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Exemption from distress and anxiety if enjoy – This dream announces that you will liberate from grief and concerns. Also shows that you will work out very positively for all events and decisions of the next day;
  • Joy if see – In the dream you see a ceremony of Holy Communion signifies that you will have happiness, blessing and honor.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Happiness if enjoy it – This dream brings luck in business, honor, profit;
  • Warning circumstances are not positive if go to communion – In the dream you are going to Communion, it wants to warn you that the conditions are not favorable to your business at the moment;
  • Award if participate with others – This dream shows that you are awarded with righteous joy, happiness in the family.

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  1. I dreamt of participating in the church and while I went near my priest to receive the eucharist, He gave me a sign of cross and he did not give me the eucharist. I thought the eucharist was over!!. The person who came along side me also didn’t get it. Felt bad after the dream..

    • hello alex.i just read ur dream and i think it means dat u hav to beleive in CHRIST so deeply and forgive those who hurth u and asking them for forgiveness too. bc a refusal of the EUCHARIST that is the body of CHRIST given for sinners and if it is refuse to u,it means u need to be sincere in hearth or beleive what u are willing to take.

  2. I had a dream about Holy Communion..that a bell was being rung, as if beckoning to it..and I felt a bit unprepared as I was not wearing a skirt..but dark blue trousers…and I partook of the Precious Gift…it was special…and I emptied the glass…it was wine in a small glass with a red line or so across it…served on a silver platter….I felt very good..was just in time for it too..almost missed it!!!

  3. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Please i need your urgent explanation on this below dream.

    i saw myself eating holy communion in dream. what does it signify.

    Your prompt response will be appreciated.

    • helo phil,i think the lord JESUS has given u special graces for the fortification of your soul and faith for u to bring glory to his name.u are a great man phil.be careful not to submit to temptation bc u are precious for GOD.JESUS bless u more and more in his nama.AMEN

  4. Iii was in mass in my dream n whn is tym 2 receive the holy communion I went also and I receive it too bt am nt a communicant bt I receive it

  5. need hepl i dream i was at chruch and i told the priest that i can receve the euchariest and he told me yes i can please take and i took it. was the best tasts ever . what does that mean

  6. I had a dream, there was a line of people, young and old wearing white clothing, following a five children carrying the cross and the euchariest in a open field. I was following as well, but somehow I end up first on line ( I also saw a supervisor complaining when would this be over I told her she was wrong and insulting my faith). The children were asking me questions about the body and blood of Christ and what they represent to Jesus. Once I gave my answer I was allowed to part take in the communion, which I answer the question correctly and recieved the euchariest. first question: why do we eat the body of Christ? second question why do we drink the blood of Christ? Which they had to rephrase the question so I could answer. I answer correctly by saying the body was to be closer to God and He always be with us in our Heart and Soul. The Blood was his way of fighting demons, plus His blood will cleanse us and forgive our sins. Both the Body and Blood of Christ is showing us His love.

  7. I’m in line to take the holy communion when suddenly a boy ran in front of me. I carried him and accidentally his foot hit the priest, as a result the Eucharist fell on the ground. Then I woke up..
    I felt terrible thinking the Holy Eucharist is on the ground, I’m looking for answers what could it mean by my dream.
    Please help me! Thank you!


  8. i was a having a dream. the priest gave me a big host in the communion. (the size of the host handed to me is the one being used by the priest in the breaking of the bread.) i brought the host back to my seat on my left palm. when i’m about to take the host i found it broken on the center as what the priest do during the breaking of the bread. and when i’m eating the bread, i found the bread on the floor. (i don’t remember here what caused the host to be dropped on the floor.) although dirty, i never hesitated to eat the host because i believe the host is holy and it is the body of Jesus Christ. i decided to retrieve the host and eat it. i was awakened on this part. could somebody help me find the meaning of my dream please. is this about my faith?

    • Hello, I had a very similar dream as well last night. I was on the altar helping serve mass. I was disturbed by it, however, take solice. It is because we are believers and love for the Lord, we quickly knew how to act, as that’s what’s expected we do, when, or if it’s dropped. The Lord loves you, remember to thank Him, every time you recieve Him. I am discerning now a vocation, you may have a decision to make, picking it up is about “trust.” In all things we do, as long as we communicate with Him, He will show you what to do in any situation. He will always provide “in out” for us in times of temptation. It’s free will He gives us choice. God, has a funny way of working sometimes, He will always put us back on the path of whatever He chose for you. He will meet you a further down the path for you to meet Him when you arrive at that point. The Holy Spirit is constantly with us all in our hearts. May we all pray for all, for us poor sinners to move with it, and not against it. It’s love that makes our heart move. We just need to take up our cross and follow. If something goes wrong or not right, remember Jesus was crucified and died, our pain is only human. Let’s us all place our troubles with Him.


  9. i dreamed that i am going with my friend for a reduction sale in a market. i said to my friend look it is all finished we are not in time. but then we walked and seen some clothes we wanted and then i saw eucerist in the golden thing ( when priest put eucerist out for adoration same as that ) on a alter table. table has white sheet on it. and the eucerist turned and faced me. i felt happy and i woke up . it was 7.00 in the morning. can you tell me what is the meaning.
    my life is going through lots of trouble in the last couple of years.
    so i want to know the what this dream means

  10. Hi ma’am/sir,
    What does mean I saw myself eating holy communion,the priest give me a 3 or 4 holy communion and I look the priest..

    Please I need your explanation..

  11. I dreamt about participating in holy communion with roller skate boots on when I came to the exit I took off the boots hop off the stairs and ran through a garden I saw a few colleagues and friends in the garden.

  12. I had a dream that I was giving the Eucharist. When I looked down to look at the Eucharist, I saw that I was holding a cup (Chalice) Filled with water and the Eucharist. I broke Eucharist waffer in half and placed it back in the cup.

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