Jaguar dream meanings

General Meanings:

  • In General Jaguar symbolizes emotions, fierce, power, aggression and force.
  • In dreams Jaguar shows the feminine and aggressive side of your personality. Maybe now is the time of your life, when you feel overprotected, therefore you dream of the Jaguar.
  • It also could indicate your desire to be alone.

Psychological Meanings:

Psychologically Jaguar represents the beauty, especially for the women.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

Passion will overcome you if dream of Jaguar – such dream shows how big is the part of fashion in your life.

Hindu (Hinduism)

Business will go smoothly if see the Jaguar – the dream gives you a clue to start improving your business, because anything you will do will go smoothly.

Arabian (Islamic)

The Lord wishes you wealthy and happy life if dream of Jaguar – such dream shows that God is with you.

Medicine Wheel Meanings:


Femininity, velocity, loneliness.


The Jaguar is an animal from the family of cats. Jaguar has yellowish fur with many black spots on it. Mostly lives in South and Central America. The Jaguars are very strong animals, which require lots of territory. They are known as being solitary animals that like to stay on their own. It is unusual for the cats to like the water, but Jaguars are one of those who enjoy taking part in water life. In Central and South America the Jaguar takes the special place in history and nowadays too. It is the animal that is respected for it’s ability to be lonely and independent. The Jaguar was an ally with a very strong, protective, emotional and sensual aspect of female nature.

General Meaning

Generally the fact that you came in contact with the Jaguar is interpreted as the contact with femininity and all other aspects that are related to females. The other very important aspects of the Jaguar’s personality is the instinct to hunt and protect yourself and what belongs to you, which is also comes from the nature as one of the femininity parts.


The brand of the car.

Transcendent Meaning

The deep connection among women and nature, that brings enormous power. The Jaguar is the kingdom of fertility, wealth and productivity.
* Please, see meaning of animals.

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  1. In my dream the jaguar was a friend to me, like a dog. She was very kind and loving and wouldn’t leave my side. What would that mean?

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