Boot dream meanings

  • Hiking boot - General Meanings: Good future Hiking boots can (often in conjunction with legs) promise you a good progress in near future, but that requires your own hard effort in order to reach something in your life. Traditional Meanings: Hindu (Hinduism) Hard work if see hiking boots – The dream about hiking boots means lots of work and reaching high position. Arabian (Islamic) Success if see hiking boots -The matters that are happening now will bring you success and satisfaction of your life; * Please, see meaning of legs.... (read more)
  • Undress (Take off) - ...of malicious gossip; Journey if take off shoes – When you take off your shoes in the dream, then this will bring you a trip which will change your attitude to others; To know other if someone undress – In the dream you see that somebody undresses, then this indicates that you know this person weak sides of personality. Arabian (Islamic) Warning if take off soiled clothes – This dream is a sign that near you there is a disaster, but you can avoid this if you be very attentive; Trip if take off boots or shoes – When you... (read more)
  • Islamic Water - ...the water from the well, large water jar, or water skin and poured it in the container. • Water flowing and inundating or simply entering people’s houses: Bad dream for the whole area, meaning violence, heavy losses and fines, women and children getting captured by the enemy and considered war booty, and epidemic diseases or plagues (bubonic or others). • Water, ooze, or spouts entering a specific house or a spring erupting in that house: Tears for a sick person who will pass away in that house, a dear one whom the inhabitants of the house will bid farewell to,... (read more)
  • Dog - ...that the dreamer might experience an infidelity or betrayal; Hearing of dying or whining dog means disease – In the dream to hear the whine of the dog or sound of dying dog is bad omen and announces disease; Black dog means traitor – In the dream to see black dog or any other with dark colored fur (coat, hair) denotes upcoming disaster, a false friend is nearby; White dog means good companionship – In the dream to see white dog is good sign and shows luck for the dreamer and indicates true friendship; Being bitten repeatedly means bootlickers –... (read more)
  • Election - ...then this announces the rapid realization of one’s own plans and hopes. Hindu (Hinduism) Trust yourself if have to choose between two – In the dream you have to choose between two things or persons then this is a sign that you have to trust your own conscience and will always win. Arabian (Islamic) Changes if go to election or be in a voting booth – The dream is a sign that soon you will have to make a difficult decision, which may change under certain circumstances the whole life. * Please, see meaning of campaign, politician, voice .... (read more)