Undress (Take off) dream meanings


Exposure of the true or inner self.


What will happen if I get rid of everything?

General Meanings:

To undress in the dream this may occur with your sexuality. Perhaps the dreamer has to treat his true feelings because of unpleasant situation and he is completely ready to open and to reveal this.

Psychological Meanings:

To see someone who undresses because of heat, then this indicates that the person should be aware of his vulnerability. To undress someone indicates that one tries to understand either himself or the other on a deeper level.

Desire to show yourself If you undress your clothes in the dream then this marks that you do not have anything to hide, but you should be careful not to expose too much. If you take off your shoes, perhaps this may be a sign that you desire for more natural way of life.

Spiritual Meanings:

The undress as a dream symbol expresses the need of the dreamer to show openness and honesty.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Worries if undress your clothes – In the dream you undress your clothes then this announces misfortune by your own fault. Also you may become a victim of malicious gossip;
  • Journey if take off shoes – When you take off your shoes in the dream, then this will bring you a trip which will change your attitude to others;
  • To know other if someone undress – In the dream you see that somebody undresses, then this indicates that you know this person weak sides of personality.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Warning if take off soiled clothes – This dream is a sign that near you there is a disaster, but you can avoid this if you be very attentive;
  • Trip if take off boots or shoes – When you take off boots or shoes in your dream, then this denotes that you will be forced by circumstances to make a journey.

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