Chocolate dream meanings

  • Candy - General Meanings: Candy according to the information from old dream-books promises love and happiness. The box of chocolates (bonbonniere) as a dream symbol marks that you will get professional reputation and success. European (Judeo-Christian) Happy love if candies – The dream of candies may announce you happy hours with a loved one, but you have to beware also against flatterers. Hindu (Hinduism) Love if dream candies – To dream of candy is a sign that you will be bless in love. Arabian (Islamic) Love if eat candies – To dream, that you’re eating candies then you will fall in love.... (read more)
  • Sweet (candy) - General Meanings: The dream of candy promise you all the pleasant feelings such as love and happiness, a box of chocolates announces professional reputation and success. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Love if have candy – The dream will bring you happy hours with a loved person, but you should beware of false friends. Hindu (Hinduism) Pleasure if have sweets (candies) – In the dream you have sweets then you may expect delight and satisfaction from loved one; Respect if be in sweets shops – In the dream you are in the sweets shop, then you will enjoy your job... (read more)
  • Egg - ...have – Such a dream shows prosperity and domestic compatibility; Stability If find a nest full off eggs -The stability with money and profit in the house or even an inheritance; Chance If very big and held in hands – This dream tell about a very advantageous event, which will change your life; Health and Gain If eat – In the dream you eat eggs means that you will improve your health and profit; New relations If beautiful made of chocolate – You will make the acquaintance of a Don to Juan or an elegant lady; Big family If see multicolored... (read more)