Swan dream meanings

  • Swan - Association: Marriage, purity, youth, love, romance. Question: Where the relationship i am in is going to? General Meanings: In General swan is related to symbolism that is related to marriage. The dream might show the desire to get married or be special to someone in your life. The swan that is dying or singing signifies the feelings that are not alive anymore towards some particular person. Maybe the dreamer is not in love anymore with the one he has chosen. In ancient times the swan that was dreamed by the person who is sick promises the recovery. Psychological Meanings:... (read more)
  • Bird - ...and fresh. Lark: The symbol of the transcendence of the secular. Seagull: This bird stands for freedom and power. Pelican: It symbolizes sacrifice and humility, but also caring, maternal love. Peacock: This is an indication that the knowledge of dreamer develops like a Peacock; From the simple, unadorned bird to the most beautiful of all birds. Like the Phönix, it is a symbol of rebirth and resurrection. Penguin: This black bird may be a symbol of sin and wisdom. When penguin speaks in a dream, what it says is common as a prophecy. Swallow: Signifies hope and approaching spring. Swan: This bird symbolizes the human soul as the wild... (read more)
  • Waterfowl - ...Arabian (Islamic) if see waterfowl - Dreaming of one of waterfowl such as seabirds or simply waterfowl, then this means that you will get what you desire in your life; Prosperity if eat meat of waterfowl – In the dream you are eating meat of any kind of waterfowl then this is a good sign that you will gain wealth, as much as you ate or saw meat; Wonderful life if collect feathers of waterfowl – This dream goes as a happiness symbol, you will reach what you want and you will have everything in your life. * Please, see meaning of duck, crane, swans .... (read more)