Mutilation dream meanings

General Meanings:

Lost ¬†abilities The dream about mutilation of the body, doesn’t matter what form, so the meaning of such a dream shows that the dreamer feels powerless and hopeless. Perhaps you feel “torn” in a certain situation in your real life and you can recover and can make balance again only by your enormous effort and hard work.

Psychological Meanings:

Loss The dreamer has to “disassemble” old feelings and images in order to attain certainty about himself. To be mutilated in the dream or you see persons who are mutilated, then such a dream indicates that you may have a loss of qualities and abilities.

Spiritual Meanings:

New start At the spiritual level mutilation in the dream symbolizes death and rebirth as a beginning. The death is the presupposition for reintegration and rebirth.

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5 responses

  1. I had the most disturbing dream last night.. I was taken to a hill next to a hospital where the bodies of people who died in the hospital were laid out. Then people would come up the hill and use surgery tools and knives provided by the hospital to mutilate the dead bodies. In my dream a friend took me up this hill and I witnessed gruesome mutilation and sick torture. People were pulling intestines out of bodies, cutting out hearts, and leaving severed body parts laying all over the ground. I remember in my dream the smell was awful and everything about it was horrifying. Even my friends wanted to participate in the mutilation, but for the most part it was all people I didn’t know. Does anyone know what this dream means? I saw the part about new beginnings which could make sense because I am currently attempting to break up with my boyfriend who I’ve known for about a year now, could it be guilt? It could also be related to other parts of my life but I’m not sure what.

  2. I have had too many dreams in which I or people around me have been brutally killing people. It kind of freaks me out a bit that my brain can imagine such things. In my waking life I don’t have such thoughts..

    • I have had the same kind of dreams during the past week or so, twice I have seeing people being mutilated, last night by one of my co-workers.

  3. I think that is the grosses thing I could ever imagine/think of and most of all see or do. I would faint. So I don’t understand why I had such an awefull never would happen dream.
    I have had real dreams that were out of body experiences, this was not one of them. However, I was there in the dram and felt evilness was happy I had that dream.
    I pray for forgiveness that I ever dreamed such a sinful and godforsaken dream.
    If that is connected to rebirth, I will have to really question if that is true.