Outer space dream meanings


Overcoming personal reality.


What do I want to know (to find out) about higher being?

General Meanings:

Loneliness Dreaming that you are alone and scared in some place of outer space, then you are lonely at the moment and you have lost direction in your life. You have to pull up with yourself and only then you will find the new way of your life.

Psychological Meanings:

Outer space in dream is a symbol of the intellectual environment of the dreamer.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • The end if see outer space – This dream means that you hope to finish useless things or some condition in your life;
  • Free yourself if go through outer space (or to travel across outer space in dream) – The dream denotes that soon you will break free from a coercive and unpleasant situation;
  • Freedom if go through space – Dreaming that you are going through space, then you will experience a new sense of independence and freedom.

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10 responses

  1. I had a dream that I was standing outside my house and saw two suns, someone flying a man like it was a kite and a portal hole. I got sucked into the portal whole and landed in Egypt on top of a dragon with a Egypt man standing by a sand timeand a pyramid. Then I woke up.

  2. Had a dream we where celebrating a students birthday at uni and the student suddenly turned into a teacher and was giving us a lecture, then the class started to shake everyone disappeared apart from me and this other guy we had to go into this space ship because everything was collapsing, we lasted into space for 20 years there where many planets falling and dissolving (we where romantic relationship back in space too). Suddenly we where back into Nasa but 20 years older (in our 30s) and people where recruiting the best people from each city with the highest iq to embark onto the journey that we where on but listening to the head of this organiser I knew what they where going wasn’t good, they’ll end up dying because there’s nothing there, so I went to quickly whisper to the head but the guy I was with in the journey butted in and he was saying stuff like what would happen if one your members got angry at you and couldn’t forgive you, to me and the head of the organisation, I looked to the ground, the head of the organisation he wasn’t interested any more and started to engage in another conversation, the guy whispered in my ear and said what are you doing, is this how you get back at me (I didn’t understand what he meant but am guessing he was incharge of the expedition) , I got up feeling distressed and I walked out the conference (as I didn’t mention earlier the guy which I’ll just call Andy, back in space he was the reason for the fatal damages that happened to the plant we where in he didn’t listen to the instructions carefully and acted selfishly nearly costing our lives) anyway he also followed behind me, there where security guards and we arent allowed to be together as we are high profiles it would cause suspicions about the plans to go to space again that maybe we are trying sabotage it, I pretend to direct someone to the toilet and he went the other way. After that I ran quickly to head of Nasa room Dr Sam white, to tell him about the dangers of travelling again, but there where many people there and the guy walks into I had to hide the map of space because I wrote notes on how it’s too dangerous too go. The dream ended there

  3. my dream started off jumping up and down on the top bunk of the bed…. I looked up and seen what looked like a portal or black hole….Grabbed my mom’s hand and told her let’s go…. I was sliding on saturn’s rings and visiting each planet….how I got from one planet to the other is still clueless to me

  4. iv had some dreams i don’t know whether they are important but here goes nothing. I was with some of my close friends and i remember just being on the moon and getting into a spaceship whilst i was in the dream i fell asleep in the spaceship and we shot off too space another dream i had i was at a bus stop with one of my friends and suddenly the sky was just not there all i could see was the beauty of space planets starting appearing on top of my eyes left right center , the dream then went on with me flying round space seeing galaxy’s i remember seeing a blue mist galaxy i so loved the dream i dint want it to end, after a while of having a sweet dream a planet appeared in front of me with numbers coming up like a message to me it had letters and some faces iv never come across

  5. I want dreaming last night and I was in the car riding with my boyfriend and I looked outside the sun roof and saw the space station in the sky, but it was really close to earth to where I could see all of outer space. I saw all of the planets in order and became over whelmed with joy because I am fascinated with space anyway. Then later on in the dream I get taken to the space station but it isn’t like what everyone thinks its like in real life. It is way above earth and its this y’all vertical building like thing with a hologram like sign flashing constantly. The hologram like thing signs so “Houston” can read what is going on on space. Then somehow I get to go inside, but it is much bigger inside than I imagined. The whole time I am inside I feel very scared but at the same time overwhelmed with joy because it is so cool and neat. Then I look outside the space station and I see my favorite planet Jupiter them awake.

  6. in my dream the first thing i can remember is i was talking to two of my friends that i have not seen in almost two years and i was getting mad at one of them cuz he always teases me and makes fun of me so he thought i didn’t want to be friends anymore and i said no, of course not i love you!! so then somehow we got onto this rocket that was full of high school students, like it was going to be a field trip going through space. so as we got on i lost my friends and we started going through space and i remember looking out the window and it was the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen in a dream. there was formations of clouds and dust and stars moving and changing like a kaliedascope and the further we went, the calmer i became. i later found my friends and they were showing me pics on their phones of seagulls that they took as we were traveling. i woke up somewhere around that point but the images of space i had in the dream were incredible! i don’t usually have good dreams like that.

  7. i always have dreams about space! one of them was that i was with my mum and family and as i looked up into the sky which was massive and black, meteroids or asteroids were coming towards earth like big orange fireballs and were all coming towards us to hit the earth…i was so taken back by what i saw and was scared…but then i woke up before they hit. another time i dreamt a rocket lifted off and i was hanging off it on a swing attached to it…but i was thinking ” if i dont jump now itll be too late and ill be in space” so i jumped from 1000s of miles up and then woke up. another time i was in like a cinema with my friends and we wer watching what felt like real life, a hot air baloon lifting off in the pitch black and it was giving me panic attacks in the dreama dn i needed to get out. i actually suffer from panic attacks and hate looking up into the sky as i feel i will fall in. perhaps this is related

  8. This Dream wasn’t like any Dream, I remember sitting outside on a bench outside my new home, with my dog and two friends. I happen to gazed behind me and saw star by star appear above me, as I tilt my head back I saw a modern day rocket ship that took off out into space. As I sat up straight I saw Saturn a bright neon green mixed with orange/yellow “Beautiful” then I began to see further into space and more planets began to show then a little further out into our atmosphere two like Earth planets appeared as a new sun began to form. I saw mars get consume by the sun and soon to be Earth (saw it happen to Earth/Future event) not anytime soon! Then I got pulled into the sun and felt the Heat and fell into the inner core and awoke.

  9. I was somehow dropped in an open space cargo. In the middle of it theres a vehicule binded by a rope thats being lit up with fire. As if its gonna destroy the rope and launch that vehicule. After i sit in the vehicule it shot me to outer space and i couild still breath. It felt like being in a rollercoaster and it send me to earth. The height kinda made my hearth race. I ended up landing in my neighbourcity. The road resembles to one of thosei know irl. After that i ended up again in the same cargo lol. So i did he same thing over again and my hearth didn’t race. I landed back in the same spot and it stopped. I guess its juist a rollercoaster experience xd.