General Meanings:

Personality features Painting generally stands for the externally visible character of a person, especially his behavior and impression which he leaves for others. But also behind this the dreamer may hide even different features.

Success Sometimes the facade gives wrong opinion, we have to look deeper to find out reality. The paint work is flaking off, this dream denotes a nakedness in the waking life, also shows that the dreamer is too sincere. The paint work with fresh paint points to repeated success.

* Please, see meaning of painting.

Definition of Paint:

Short explanation

Apply a colored substance on a surface and dries to leave a thin decorative or protective coating.

Synonyms of paint

verb: color, colour, depict, dye, picture, portray, stain; noun: dye, color, colour, tint, painting, hue; plural: dyes, colors, colours, tints, paintings, hues; related terms: acrylic paint, acrylic, antifouling paint, coating, coat, coat of paint, distemper, enamel, encaustic, finger paint, fingerpaint, house paint, housepaint, oil paint, semigloss, spray paint, water-base paint, coloring material, colour, colouring material, color, pigment.

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