Someone praying for you dream meanings

If you dream that someone is praying for you, it can indicate your congenital magic perspective of current waking life events. You have a feeling that something special is going on right now in your life.

To see such action in a dream, also means the fact of being primary and preeminent. You are more important than you think you are.

Additionally, your dream shows that you are one step ahead. New and grand project is coming into your waking life. You should reach amazing success with it.

Alternatively, to see in a dream, when someone is praying for you, means development of physical and spiritual conditions. Or it indicates the process of regaining distinct mastery in metaphysical area.

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4 responses

  1. I had a dream someone praying for me. The person was a lady and she lookes like she was scared to touch my head and she finally touched it

  2. Thanks for that wonderful interpretation.That exactly what I thought of but you explained it very well here.God bless