Staple (agrafe)

Traditional Meanings:

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Improvement of life if see Jewelry clasp, buckle – This dream shows that you will get a permanent job, which will help you to improve you life and to reach higher position.

Definition of Staple:

Short definition

A piece of bent metal or wire pushed through something or clipped over it as a fastening, in particular.

Complete definition

A Staple is a fibre of a discrete length and may be of any composition, but a wool staple is an independent natural cluster of fibres not a single fibre. A continuous fibre such as natural silk or synthetic is known as a filament not a fibre.

Synonyms of Staple

noun: fastener, fastening, catch, clip, pin; adjective: principal, primary, cardinal, main, chief, leading, capital, major, fundamental, prime, central, basic; related terms: commodity, trade good, good, plural, plural form, natural fiber, natural fibre, material, stuff, feedstock.