Sugarcane dream meanings

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Luck if see growing sugar canes –  You are dreaming of growing sugar canes then this is a favorable prospect which announces a fortune in near future;
  • Failure if cut sugarcane – In the dream you cut with sugar cane then this means a complete failure in all undertakings, this is a difficult period for you.

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9 responses

  1. I always dream of playing football on the ground..sometimes dribbling..sometimes loosing the ball to an opponent..but most of the time i am always winning..this dream has been staying with me almost every week. pls help

  2. I saw myself and my friend buying a sugar cane from some one that complains he’s sick that was why he’s slim now cos i knew him already.

  3. I was in garden full of sugarcane and vegetables with my sister who was the owner of the garden. Suddenly my grandma & uncle were in that garden with me, but my uncle had a very dark complexion almost black. The whole garden was full of sugarcane now.

  4. i saw myself standing infront of upstanding sugarcanes…the 1st set i saw was a little scanty but when i searched proper, i saw a large bunch of them. Wanting to cut of it…i decided 2 be careful that maybe a snake lies within. Surprisingly when i checked i saw a snake but it was a dead snake.

  5. I saw my self in the dream standing with a malam buying sugar cane, he pilled it and gave me to hold the first have one and was still pilling others for me. Pls i need your help