– Ride on the waves of emotions.


– Which strong emotions I’m ready to enjoy?

In general:

Surfing as dream symbol stand for control of dreamer emotions, because dreamer is driving on the water. At the same time while surfing the right utilization of the wind important, which shows that the mastery of emotions is tempted by dreamer’s intellect. Often big role plays in the interpretation of this dream symbol the color of the sail.


Surfing is also a symbol for euphoric experiences in which water plays a supporting role.


– To surf in dream without accident: your are ready to accept new experiences;
– To fall of from surfboard in dream: your emotions is not stable right now.

– Nothing about surfing in hindu culture.

– None interpretation of surfing in dreams from arabic and islamic cultures.

* Please, see meaning of water.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation
Surfing is the sport of being carried to the shore on the crest of large waves while standing or lying on a surfboard.

Complete definition
Surfing is a surface water sport in which a person (the surfer) or people, rides an object, usually a board (the surfboard), on the crest of a wave usually carrying the surfer towards the shore.

Synonyms of surfing
noun: surfriding, surf-riding; relate terms: surf, surf-board, wave riding.

6 responses

  1. I have recurring surfing dreams always riding the waves, even without the board sometimes, it makes me feel WONDERFUL in the dream. I wish I could surf.

  2. I have recurring dreams about ocean waves and other bodies of water. In the past, I would be on shore where tidal waves would come and sweep over me. I would hold onto a structure like a fence and hold my breath until the wave would pass. I always interepretted this as feeling overwhelmed by my emotions. Last night I had a dream that I was actually out in the ocean trying to catch the waves with a boogie board but I kept missing the waves. It was a similiar feeling I get when I’m trying to surf and I’m not catching the wave because I haven’t figured out how to paddle hard enough or don’t pop up at the wright time. The other difference with this dream was that the waves didn’t feel like a threat to me. It also was dark outside, most likely due to it being a cloudy day like it was going to storm. I’m thinking that missing the waves may mean that I have a desire to get in touch with my emotions but I’m having trouble doing it.

  3. I started dreaming about water when i went back to school, so instead of emotions i always associated it with knowledge. I had a great dream last night that I fell off my board but was still carried by the wave in the tube part and it never came crashing in on me. I was concerned that I would crash into the rocks at the bottom but it never happened. This was after a particularly challenging but fascinating class.

  4. i had a vivid dream last night that a was body surfing on big waves that were carrying me long distances, to a safe place.

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