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* Please, see meaning of purchase tickets.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation
A pass entitling the holder to admission to a show, concert, etc.

Complete definition
A ticket is a voucher that indicates that one has paid for admission to an event or establishment such as a theatre, movie theater, amusement park, zoo, museum, concert, or other attraction, or permission to travel on a vehicle such as an airliner, train, bus, or boat, typically because one has paid the fare. Also a ticket may be free, and serve as a proof of reservation.

Synonyms of ticket
verb: label; noun: label, card, tag; plural: labels, cards, tags; related terms: commercial document, commercial instrument, commutation ticket, season ticket, airplane ticket, plane ticket, pass, transfer, railroad ticket, train ticket, theater ticket, theatre ticket, bus ticket, return ticket, round-trip ticket.

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  1. I have dreamin about a ticket.. a ticket and inside the ticket there are written “VISA” I was anxiously … why do I dream a ticket???
    It is like a ticket ..a ticket of an airlines.. a ticket for an airplane.. and inside the ticket I’d seen written ‘USA’ and below there.. a numbers of our seats… in airplane..Maybe..because id seen a ticket… just.. a ticket! Do you know what it means?

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