Wasp’s nest


– To see wasp’s nest in dream: you will suffer a loss;
– To contact with it: you will have to endure much adversity.

– Dreaming of wasp’s nest in general: everything is impermanent in this world.

– To destroy wasp’s nest: you will exterminate completely your enemies or adversaries.

3 responses

  1. My dream was I was standing in my room and there were wasps on my husband

    And then i was at work and in the corner where the coffee machine is there was a hole nest of them but these were red

  2. I have a recurring dream 2 twice now, that I go into my parents garage to get something and at the doorway there is a frothing swarm of wasps. What does this mean?

  3. In my dream there was a wasp on some sort of surface and she was starting to build a nest, but it was strange because it was building it the way a spider traps a prey… with webs and so on… what does it mean?

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