Medicine Wheel:

Healing, purification.

The yucca is a plant that belongs to the lily family, and has stiff, almost sword-like leaves and white flower clusters in the middle. It grows in the Southwestern United States and in Central and South America. From earthy people, it was as household and used as a skin cleanser, could heal skin irritations. Science has found that the powdered leaves contain a powerful precursor of cortisone.

General meaning
A dry or neglected part of your self-study. Prepare for a cleaning & healing something that is on the surface of your body or in your personality.

Transcendent importance
A revelation of what you covered.

Explanation & Definition:

Yucca is a genus of perennial shrubs and trees in the agave family, Agavaceae. Its 40-50 species are notable for their rosettes of evergreen, tough, sword-shaped leaves and large terminal panicles of white or whitish flowers.

* yuccas, yucca palm, palms…

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