Intruder dream meanings

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  • Intruder - General Meanings: Most people have a strong need to protect their privacy. The dream of an intruder can therefore mean that the dreamer feels threatened. The intruder as a dream symbol stands for fear which has a connection with power and violence against others. Psychological Meanings: The dream of an intruder usually denotes the fear to be threatened sexually. Spiritual Meanings: At the spiritual level, the dreamer is afraid of a desecration. The dreamer is a sacred, inviolable space and doesn’t want to accept everyone or everything. The intruder is the part of one’s personality that can not deal... (read more)
  • Burglar - – This dream symbol shows that somebody enters into your private area in your waking life. You feel that they entered in your house without your permission (the house is you). This could be that you have some changes in your life which disturb your normal daily life and you feel uncomfortable about that. You are afraid that you will loose and will be harmful for your personality, you are helpless about this. You are feeling insecure because somebody enters in your private life in your waking life. * Please, see meaning of crash, thief, theft, house, intruder.... (read more)
  • Theft - Association: Deficiency; necessity; judgment. Question: Why am I afraid that I will not have something or will not deserve to have? What am I afraid to lose? Psychological Meanings: A theft or intruders come to your house in your dream, then these are dream symbols that have to be taken literally. The dreamer is afraid of a loss. This loss threatens the dreamer but he tries to ignore this. The losses may be such as personal relationships, skills, qualities or feelings. Traditional Meanings: Arabian (Islamic) Recovery if discover theft –  In the dream you discover a theft then this dream... (read more)