Theft dream meanings


Deficiency; necessity; judgment.


Why am I afraid that I will not have something or will not deserve to have? What am I afraid to lose?

Psychological Meanings:

A theft or intruders come to your house in your dream, then these are dream symbols that have to be taken literally. The dreamer is afraid of a loss. This loss threatens the dreamer but he tries to ignore this. The losses may be such as personal relationships, skills, qualities or feelings.

Traditional Meanings:

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Recovery if¬†discover theft – ¬†In the dream you discover a theft then this dream announces that you will have some kind of loss but you will recover really fast;
  • Failure if commit theft – The dream is a sign that in near future you will have lots of failures because you do everything very irresponsibly and hastily.

* Please, see meaning of crash.

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