A (letter) dream meanings


Beginning, New start


Do I have to start from the beginning?

General Meanings:

The beginning Letter A emerges as written, formed from plastic or spoken in the dream. It stands at the beginning of the alphabet in different languages (Greek alpha, Phoenician Aleph), it frequently symbolizes the beginning of something new and is understood as a positive forerunner for such an intention. Besides, A letter comes as an order function (comparable with number 1), or it points to something unique, extraordinary and unusual which is emphasized the first letter.

Psychological Meanings:

Dreaming of letter A, indicates excellence, advantage, predominance. Dream of letter A shows that you have established superiority or you are seeking for excellence over others. It always stand for overwhelming success. So, there is big possibility that you will achieve great results in your life with any project you have started or willing to start. The letters stand for name or initial of some person. You must pay attention to that also.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Start if see A – You dream letter A, this shows the beginning of a new thing and the end of an old one. So this offers you to think well and more attentively and do not rush;
  • Good news if see or write letter A – When you see the letter A or write it in dream, this indicates a piece of excellent news, good start and strong endeavors in all the things that you do.

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  1. Wow, Kit. Linda just finished nwitirg her next post: The Belly of the Whale, big dreams as initiation! If it were my dream, this is DEFINITELY an initiation dream. My cat dream, with the rib cage in the cat’s mouth, is also (according to Linda’s projections) an initiation dream of sorts. Ryan commented that I have to go through the mouth to get to the belly of the whale. (I could go on about this, but I won’t.)On another level, if your dream were mine I’d contemplate my possible role as psychopomp or someone who guides initiates through the birthing process. I feel like these disembodied heads are lost souls (like the ghosts in Harry Potter!). They remind me of our Western addiction to living in our heads and forgoing our connection to the body and more primal awareness. Also, they remind me of the disconnect that happens when we forget our ancestors and ancient practices like shamanic initiation or just initiation in general. Furthermore, this dream may be a lifework dream, giving me a clue about my role as midwife , a role in which I help assist people as they become more aware of the importance of initiation, ancestors, and a need to go in the right direction or a healthier direction for humanity.On a global scale, if the dream is for the community, I see it as a call to be reborn into a higher awareness, one that is going in the right direction. Thank you so much for sharing.