Abbot dream meanings

General Meanings:

Illness or Advice The meeting with an abbot in a dream can have a double meaning. Firstly, this may announces a disease, secondly you can meet a person (or find a book or something similar), which gives you an important long-awaited advice.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Repentance if see – This dream urges you to repentance for the bad things that you have done and then it promises comfort in your soul;
  • Care of relatives if see praying – When you are dreaming that you see an abbot is praying, this means that you have to take care of distant relatives, they need your help;
  • Good omen if see blessing – In the dream you see that abbot is blessing you, this announces good progress at work or in the relations with others.

* Please, see meaning of bishops, clergy.

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