Abdomen / Belly dream meanings

General Meanings:

Belly can sometimes appear in the dreams as a sign of an illness which still cause no complaints in the awake state, or point to wrong eating habits which can endanger our health. The belly is often interpreted as a symbol of physicality, sensuality, sexuality or the material things of life.

  • Sometimes the belly also indicates the repressed experiences and the unconscious should finally processed them.
  • The sunken belly and hunger feeling indicates that the dreamer is unfulfilled and unsatisfied sensually.
  • A repulsive fat, bloating belly points to surfeit also this indicates sexual supersaturation or, more generally meaning the debauchery.
  • To have a nice, smooth belly and the feeling of being full, this is a sign of physical and sexual satisfaction, but can also express the desire for it.

Psychological Meanings:

Restrain yourself The “kitchen” of life in which – the experiences of everyday life processes are digested. Sometimes, dreams of the full belly is as warning sign to restrain yourself.

Wish for psychological satisfaction In the dream the belly is bloated, then this requires the psychological relief in the form of an outburst of anger or an open talk.

Rising emotions Also the belly is as a symbol of fertility (pregnancy). To see a pregnant belly shows emotions that want to come to the surface. They can not be suppressed. The big or huge belly also shows that you are integrating your desires and feelings/emotions from the unconscious to the conscious.

Spiritual Meanings:

The belly is a place of the solar plexus and it is a vital center. It usually indicates sensuality and sexual passions.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Trust your intuitions if see an abdomen (belly) in a dream – This dream means that your emotions and feelings are in the first place , you have to trust yourself;
  • Desires if see a healthy belly – This dream shows that you have morbid desires;
  • Worries of health if lie on a belly –  In the dream you lie on a belly, this signifies that you will health problems;
  • Increase of property if a large, thick or looks full belly – This symbol will bring you rising property, money, profits, earnings;
  • Illness if a pathologically swollen – This is a warning which prophesies serious disease;
  • Worries and a warning if see a thin, empty belly – In the dream you have a thin belly, signifies losses, money losses. Also you should look closer to your eating habits;
  • Attention if see the belly of person you know – In the dream you see the known person belly, this dream shows that this person needs your attention;
  • Shame if something is moving on it – You can see something moving on the belly in your dream, this indicates the humiliation and hard work
  • Expectations if see own belly – You are dreaming that you see your own abdomen (belly), this shows that you will have big expectations, but you must start with stubbornness and double your work;
  • Betrayal if unclothed belly – In the dream you see your own unclothed belly, indicates an unhappy omen for lovers or even betrayal of loved people. Do not be too trustful, because this may harm you;
  • False friends if see shrivelled belly – To see your own shrivelled belly in the dream, you are pursued by wrong friends and you are slandered by them;
  • Pleasure if swollen belly – To see a swollen belly in the dream, this points to suffering, but you will defeat this and will have a pleasure of the fruits of your own work;
  • Unfortunate incident if bloody belly – The blood from your own belly, this announces an accident and  in the family.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Prosperity if see a healthy belly – The belly is healthy in your dream, it means included wealth for you and your family;
  • Illness if belly became shrunken – When in the dream the belly became unusually shrunken or got smaller, this prophesies the disease of children and lack of finances;
  • Richness if bloated and fat belly – The belly became fat and bloated, this dream shows that you will have many children and plenty of money;
  • Bless if belly is empty because of hunger – Dreaming of suffering of hunger, this dream indicates that because of hard your hard work you will be blessed;
  • Fulfillment of wishes if someone was hungry and ate enough to full your belly – This dream announces that you will instantly get everything what you seek for, because you seek for this with;
  • Warning if belly is thick – This dream is a warning that you have to be careful in conversations, think what you say;
  • Bad influence if see thin or meager belly – This dream signifies that someone does you a wrong influence.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Increasing expenses if fat and large belly (abdomen) – To dream that an abdomen had become fatter and larger, shows that your household and property needs more money and values;
  • Respite if thin and weak belly – The belly became thin and weak, the dreamer will be freed from worries;
  • Worries if belly colic – A stomach colic torments somebody in the dream, means that you will have to handle at home with trouble and concerns;
  • Warning about health if a belly burst – The stomach had burst and there was no hope of recovery in the dream, this indicates that you have health problems;
  • Concerns if thick layer is growing on a belly – This dream indicates that you will have temporary concern in your life;
  • Earning if see a very thick belly – This is a good sign that you will have plentiful merit;
  • Discord if lean and thin – The belly is becoming lean and thin, this dream announces strife in your family or at work.

Contexts’ Meanings:

* Please, see meaning of abdomen pain, body, stomach.

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